5 Incredible Things to Do in Paris Ontario

Things to Do in Paris Ontario

Paris Ontario is the prettiest little town in Canada, established in 1850, located within Brant Country in Southern Ontario. The city was named after the city Paris in France for its gypsum deposits.  It’s a perfect tourist destination to discover gorgeous waterfalls, delicate desserts, and fascinating historical sites. A road trip would be an excellent idea for people residing near the west of Hamilton. 

There is so much to discover on this beautiful land from snow-capped mountains, beautiful buildings touching the sky, rugged coastlines, lush greenery, fancy restaurants, great shopping spots, and adventurous activity sites. Canada is flooded with the world’s best cities including Niagara-on-the-Lake, Quebec city, Churchill, Goderich, Banff Town, St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, Niagara falls, Mahone Bay, Whistler, and Baie St-Paul. 

Here are five incredible things travelers can do while visiting Paris, Ontario. 

1. Visiting Penman’s Dam

It is a great spot to chill and relax in the lapse of nature. The greenery all over the place, crystal clear water and the sun blazing over the waves is a blessing to travelers’ eyes. Over 100 years ago, the Penman clothing company decided to build the dam to provide waterpower for running their mills. The best time to visit this heavenly place is in the evening when the dam gets lighted by the spectacular colors. Due to this reason, everyone started calling it ‘lighting of the Paris Falls’. 

2. Going for hiking activities

The natural scenery, wildlife forest, the grand river, and mountains make it an incredible spot for trekking activities. Travelers can always find hiking trails of over 100kms in Carolinian Forests in Canada. Apart from this, Cambridge to Paris Rail Trail is considered the best hiking trail in Ontario. The track is of 18kms, which runs along an old rail bed following the grand river. It will be an everlasting trip experience for you to cherish forever. 

3.   Rafting in the Grand River

The Grand River is one of the best sites to experience adventure and thrill. The river is a designated Heritage river that stretches between slow and fast currents. Travelers can be a part of canoeing, kayaking, rafting and other water sports to do on the spectacular river. If you have never been to this place before, it would be suggested to look for guided tours to make your trip experience worth the time and money spent. To avoid unnecessary ructions due to late flight bookings, passengers can make advanced Airlines Reservations and get special discounts at the time of bookings.  

4. Going for Cobblestone Tour

People finding a keen interest in knowing about ancient history and its facts will surely love to visit this place. It is often known as the cobblestone capital of Canada. The dazzling architecture of the building, lush gardens, and beautiful churches are the things to see in Cobblestone tour. 

Some of the buildings in and around this place are made of over 14,000 cobblestones brought from the Nith and Grand Rivers which can’t be found anywhere else in Canada.

5. Visiting Winter Garden Theatre

Winter Garden Theater is a botanically themed auditorium flourishing within the world’s last operating double-decker theatre. The walls of the theater are painted with murals of plants while the ceilings are covered with real dried leaves, the lighting and the decor illuminates the soul from within. The purpose of giving this kind of structure to the place is to let visitors enjoy each performance with a  feel of unusual and spectacular garden adventure. 

Apart from its top attractions, the city is grateful for its food paradise destination. 2 Rivers, Midtown Kitchen, and Stillwaters are generally considered the best restaurants to visit in and around Ontario. Shopping enthusiasts cannot miss Paris Wincey Mills Market to pick some fantastic stuff. If you travel around spring, you can attend their Maple Syrup festival and enjoy their wonderful and family-friendly events. 

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