Know About Top 7 Things About Being A Nurse

Being A Nurse

Nurses are always going to be necessary. Especially as the world’s population grows larger and in need of more care. There is currently a nursing shortage. So it’s crucial that more and more people realize what a great career nursing can be. If they feel they could make a good nurse, look into what is required. 

When researching the nursing profession, it’s often easy to find negative points about long hours or shift work, or hard physical tasks. However, there are many positive sides to nursing. When you consider each one, they far outweigh the negatives for many people. With that in mind, here are some of the best things about being a nurse. So you can see both sides and make the right choice for yourself. Read on to find out more. 

1. High job Security 

Job security is something people used to almost take for granted. You chose a career, found a job, and were often able to stick with it until you retired. After which you received a generous pension. Today things are very different. Not all pensions are quite so generous. For example, and as for sticking with one job for life, that’s more likely to be the exception to the rule in the 21st century. There are many different job opportunities. If someone doesn’t like what they are doing, they can do something else.

Conversely, however, this also means that there isn’t a lot of job security. Some jobs are only temporary, and others become redundant or swallowed up in business and industry changes. Obviously, this can make day-to-day life quite stressful. You just don’t know if the job you’ve chosen is one that will last or even one that you want to last. 

Nursing is rather different. When you are a nurse, you have complete job security. As we’ve said, nurses are always needed. This means you can move forward with your career in the way you want to, without worry. You can stick in the same job for your entire working life. Or, you can move forward or change to a different facility. You can do what you want knowing you’ll always be able to find something to do. 

2. Patient Relationships 

No matter what kind of nurse you want to be, there is a lot to learn when you choose to become a nurse. No one ever said nursing was easy, but that’s part of the enjoyment. There is always something new to learn,. There are always more ideas to consider when it comes to patient care. 

This leads us to another point; patient relationships. These patient relationships are actually a hugely important part of nursing, and they are certainly among the best things about this particular career option. As you work with patients, you will form bonds with them, and these bonds will be strong relationships.

This is true even if you’re only with them for a very short period of time. It’s a necessary part of your job; without this bond, you won’t be able to do half of what you need to do as a nurse, as you don’t have the trust of the patient. Obviously, the more time you spend with a patient, the stronger this bond will become

3. The Most Rewarding Career 

Would it surprise you to hear that you don’t have to have a rewarding career? That you can do a job that doesn’t really offer you (or anyone else, come to that) much value, and still do well – you might even enjoy it. If this sounds strange to you, then it might be that having a rewarding career is more important to you than you realized.

In that case, you’ll like the fact that nursing is one of the most rewarding careers you could ask for. You are helping people every day. Every time you arrive at work, you’ll make a difference. Your absence will be noticed. This could be exactly what you need. It is certainly something that is important for all people. 

Even if you don’t want to progress in your career and you like being an RN and choose to do that until the day you retire, that’s great –RNs are needed. All kinds of nurses are needed. The fact is that no matter what kind of nurse you choose to be, no matter how you put your many skills to good use, you will be able to make a difference and feel rewarded. 

4. Transferable Life Skills 

When you study to become a nurse, and when you actually are a nurse, and you are working with patients, it’s perhaps surprising just how many new life skills you can pick up. As well as this, you can enhance the ones you already have. These skills are known as transferable skills because, as the name suggests, they are not just for use in nursing – they can be used in any career or even in your personal life.

Why is this important? When you have these skills and can put them to good use, or at least understand how they could be used, you’ll find you are given many more opportunities, or you spot many more opportunities that, without these skills, you might have missed entirely. 

As we’ve said, when you study to become a nurse, you’re likely to want to remain a nurse for your entire working life, so you might wonder why transferable skills are important at all – you’re not changing jobs. However, no one can predict the future, and it might be that you do change jobs, even if you didn’t think you would. Those skills will be useful. Or you might want to progress in your nursing career. Again, these skills will be beneficial to you. At the very least, they can make your personal life easier. 

Some of the skills include: 

  • Happy to learn
  • Compassion
  • Punctuality
  • Hard-working
  • Quick thinking 
  • Listening
  • Communication
  • Calm in an emergency 
  • Empathy

5. You Command Respect 

If recent difficult times have taught us anything, it’s that is owed to the medical profession a lot, and has either gained or increased public respect for those working in this difficult sector. Although it’s not likely to be a reason to become a nurse in the first place, the fact that you will be working in a respected profession is something to take into account and might be considered by some to be one of the best things about being a nurse. Remember, when you are a nurse, you will be helping people at all stages of their life, ensuring they are as comfortable as possible, no matter what their condition might actually be. 

Not only do nurses receive respect from their peers, colleagues, patients, and the general public, but they are also very respectful in return. Even when they have a lot of knowledge and qualifications behind them, and even when they have worked extremely hard, they simply get on with their jobs – they don’t become arrogant. Of course, this is a generalization, but it is something that many nurses have in common; they are humble. This is yet another reason to respect them, and it’s certainly a positive thing about being a nurse. 

6. Career Advancement 

There are, as we’ve seen, any great things about being a nurse. Some are more obvious than others, and something that is perhaps less obvious than most of these things is the fact that there is a lot of career advancement. A lot of people will probably think of nurses as one group of people, all on the same level, doing the same thing. The truth is quite different; there are many different types of nurses and many different career progressions to be made if you want them. This makes nursing ideal for those who are ambitious and want to do well. 

In order to progress in the way you want to when you are a nurse, you’ll need to obtain additional qualifications – this will show your employer that you are competent and dedicated. The great thing is that there are now online AGACNP programs and other degree courses that mean you can study in your spare time at a pace that suits you. You can therefore choose exactly how far your career can go and do what you need to do in your own way to get there. 

7. An Inspiring Career

Have you ever been inspired to do something or even be something? Maybe you were inspired by someone else to become a nurse, or at least to consider it as a viable career path. Would you like to be an inspiration to others? This is certainly what a lot of nurses consider to be one of the best things about their career. They have the chance to be an inspiration and to show others what it really means to have a rewarding career in which they can make a real difference. 

Although it’s certainly possible to inspire people no matter what you do for a living, nursing is something that really does offer people the chance to shine.