The top tantalum producer with their future aspects

Many times related to the geographical, however, with diverse end-uses, tantalum and the tantalum ore have had to bear challenging economic stretches and much more. With demand soaring the global metal market for tantalum, electronic have collapsed meanwhile the recession, manufacturers in the metal industry have retarded their efficacies, making way to the potential risks of production limitations as the demand returns

Among the demand for high quality steel, making up the greater proportion of yearly tantalum production, has been radically reduced, however, the influence on the global leading producer is less dramatic


The worlds’ biggest tantalum producer is Rwanda, however, it is driven by the conflicts and minerals issues and yet it’s a clear fact that more of Rwanda’s tantalum ore production is obtained from the regions of DRC where contaminated minerals are a great challenge hence it becomes quite difficult to identify the actual production of Rwanda mines. The Macedonian company have made a great investment to build a tantalum refinery on the land of Rwanda upon completion is expected to be the countries only refinery

The democratic republic of Congo

By 2017 the DRC took lead in the tantalum mining. The DRC convoluted to be the second producer of tantalum contributing to 30% of global tantalum market across the world. However, the DRC has not gained a good reputation for mining of tantalum and the tantalum ore buyers as well as the purchasing companies are often discouraged from purchasing the ores from such regions, however, still the DRC has a greater share in global market

Nigerian region

The third largest tantalum excavating country is Nigeria holding this place from the year 2017, the country is known to have greater tantalum mine, though the exact number is still not evident. Most of the tantalum is obtained from the tantalite ore in the states of Kogi, cross river and other regions of Nigeria

Following the list of top tantalum mining countries Brazil stands among one of the countries mining tantalum in greater amounts. Brazil is one of the two countries outside the African continent. Being a home to 34000 MT of total worlds tantalum reserves

The largest min holding tantalum is the MIBRA, considering the challenges and restriction levied on the Republic of Congo and Rwanda Brazil is anticipated to be the successor to crown for chief source of tantalum buying companies globally in the years ahead. For the market of US Brazil has been the largest supplier of tantalum holding the 40% of its imports

The republic of China

China is the second largest tantalum provider outside the African continent, from the past couple years the production for tantalum somewhat got stead only raising by a few percent. China is the bigger tantalum metal provider to buyer across the US. Comprising of 20% metal imports as per the geographical survey conducted in US. However due to some political influence and high tariffs the total average of imports might fluctuate

What can be the future of tantalum mining globally?  Since tantalum mining has been played among the African continent and but the European regions such as Australia are following the list and is anticipated to take a lead in 2019. Among the European region Australia is known to take have the largest tantalum reserves in the world that are expected to be higher than the African regions and Australia is quite keen to produce greater advantage of the country’s vast potential. So which country do expect to steal the show the coming years?