The top 5 ingredients when creating the ultimate kitchen at home that is fit for a baker

We have all spent more time at home than ever before in the last few months and many of us have decided to spend our lockdown days brushing up on our baking skills. However, there is more to baking than an instagram-able banana bread. Therefore, cooking up a storm is considerably easier when you have the perfect kitchen that provides you with everything you need. 

Therefore, whether you see yourself as a bit of a star baker, or you are new to the baking scene and have no idea where to start, then we are here with all our top tips on everything you need to create the ultimate kitchen at home to make baking easier and more enjoyable. 

By the time you have finished creating the perfect kitchen you will have everything you need to…. ready, set, bake! 

Consider appropriate worktops

If you are going to be using your worktops to knead dough and work with icing and chocolate then you should ensure that you pick solid materials so that they can withstand the extra pressure. 

However, the worktop material that you pick can also have an impact on how good the end product is once you have finished baking. For example, we recommend that you go for a cold to touch worktop as this can help to prevent any pastry or dough that you are working with from sticking to the surface. This is particularly beneficial if you want to avoid adding too much flour to the mixture. This is why granite work surfaces are most popular amongst bakers as they are cool enough for any dough you are working with and are also easy to wipe clean once you are finished. 

Granite worktops are also popular as they are heat-resistant meaning that you don’t have to worry about placing a hot tray on the side by accident. Magnet have a range of granite worktop materials which are perfect for a baker’s kitchen. 

A good quality oven 

You could be the queen of baking, Mary Berry herself, but with a poor quality oven you will struggle to bake even a successful fairy cake. Therefore, it is crucial that your kitchen has a new oven with an accurate thermostat to make baking a whole lot easier and less stressful. 

There are a number of things you should consider when finding the perfect oven, including the size, style, number of functions and where it can be placed in your kitchen. It is also beneficial to keep in mind that higher end ovens offer additional features such as steam and convection options which can come in super handy when baking your masterpiece. 

Layout is important

While a star baker does need to have all the right equipment and appliances in their kitchen for the best results, it is also important that their kitchen layout is perfect as well. When creating a baking haven you should think about what shape kitchen you would like to work in. Whether you prefer the more traditional L-shaped space or the additional benefits of a breakfast bar that a G-shaped kitchen provides, you need to think about zoning. 

Zoning is exactly what it sounds like and basically involves you dividing your kitchen into dedicated areas for a particular use. For example, you will need a specific area where you can make your mixture and work with flour, and another area, away from the oven, where your baked goods can cool before decoration. However, if your kitchen zones are too spaced apart then you may find it more difficult to work effectively and have everything you need around you. 

Add a dash of appliances 

Long gone are the days of mixing everything by hand, or having to spend just as long washing up as you did baking a cake. Instead now there are appliances on hand to make our baking, and our lives in general, a whole lot easier. Therefore, we recommend that you make the most of these technological developments to help you up your game in the kitchen. 

When it comes to adding the right appliances in your baking workspace you should think carefully about what you will get the most use out of, as otherwise you may find yourself spending a lot of money on equipment you only use once. Some of the best appliances we would recommend include a stand mixer to save both time and your hand getting sore from mixing, as well as a dishwasher. With a dishwasher you can halve your clean up time, and also use it when simply cooking a meal for the family. 

Storage, storage, and more storage

While a baker usually involves having lots of different appliances and equipment on hand to make creating your masterpieces a whole lot easier, they also require a considerable amount of storage space. In your baking haven you want to keep the worktops as clear as possible so that you have more space to work, which means that cupboards and draws are a necessity. 

From cookbooks to mixing bowls and ingredients, you can have a lot of items to find a home for in your kitchen, so we recommend that you make the most of hidden corners and open shelving. You can even use your favourite cook books as part of a stylish display to give your kitchen that warm and welcoming feel to complement the smell of freshly baked cakes! 

If you have a passion for baking then be sure to design your kitchen to be the ultimate space to get your creativity flowing, and to ensure that you have everything on hand you need. With innovative kitchen facilities being developed all the time, you can create a space that brings out the best in you when it comes to baking and allows you to outdo yourself every time.  

You never know, with the right equipment, space, and creativity, you may find yourself applying for the next season of bake off- watch out Mary!