Which One To Choose: Machine Learning Certification Or Blockchain Certification

Today’s Information Technology industry is experiencing strong momentum in developing two powerful technologies named Blockchain technology and Machine Learning. On one end, Blockchain as a disruptive technology made it huge with the invention of Cryptocurrencies and trading. On the other, Machine Learning is creating a significant impact on harnessing existing information to identify patterns and gain insights. Joining together both the technologies can make a super disruptive impact in the technical innovations as both are capable of hastening data exploration and evaluation and intensifying transaction security. 

While both technologies are gaining popularity among Information Technology Aspirants, simultaneously raising a dilemma in candidates’ minds wants to pursue their career in the field of technology advancement and implementation that you should choose to learn among both, which you should choose to learn? The best way to find the answer to this question is by learning the difference and potential of both technologies. Let’s understand how these technologies are different from each other.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is what the name suggests when a machine is made adapting some conduct either by programs or by its experience. Like human learning, machine learning constitutes identifying patterns given in a set of data to develop a more efficient mechanism to outperform the previous technology versions. The question here is what’s the point in making a machine learn and the answer to this is the machine learning is vital for making a machine adaptive for itself in an intelligent way when exposed to specific data. Making a machine learnt can help avoid human interventions and prevent costs and human errors in the process. The automation of spam mails being stored in the spam folder is the simplest example of removing human intervention in marking mails as spam one by one. This can be highly beneficial in finance and consultation sectors as new patterns are emerging in these sectors almost every day.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is entirely different from Machine Learning. Blockchain denotes the blocks of information connected via a unique number called hash and thus called as chain. Among all the existing technologies, Blockchain is the most secured database across all industries around the world. It is a database with a decentralized approach that aims at preventing malicious activities and wrongful human intervention in the network. Blockchain has already found its place in several industries, including logistics, finance and accounting, retail, and online product delivery industry. Blockchain professionals help saving money and time for the sectors involved in both extensive scale processes. In a general sense, Blockchain is a medium that can facilitate support to a variety of servers and users.

Possibilities with Collective Use

On being appropriately utilized, Machine Learning with Blockchain can create an enormously lethal combination of technology. While Blockchain helps store authentic, unaltered, and permanent data, Machine Learning can utilize this data to observe proper patterns and give more accurate predictions. This would prove a great help in research-related fields where precise information is required to predict likely results. Blockchain and Machine Learning together can build even new and more efficient tools and form a groundbreaking technology. Therefore, combining these two can produce higher benefits to businesses to cause a strong impact in the market and stay ahead in the competition.

Which one to Choose- Blockchain or Machine Learning?

A big question of today’s market is that which is best among these two, most hot aspects of technology. Most people are heading towards Machine Learning because it sounds good by involving significant terms like robotics and smart machines. On the other hand, some people are moving towards Blockchain because it is increasingly adopted and dominates a vast number of industries. Also, some companies are promoting Blockchain as technology for the future. So, selecting any one of these for the future is the most challenging question asked ever in this technology field. The best answer for this lies in the fact that one should learn everything and gain expertise in one.

A straightforward sentence can justify this solution, which is “Be a jack of all and master of one,” because no one can suggest to you what would be best for you. There are ample options, and you have to choose to be a beginner. It would help if you always preferred to start with everything. Without experiencing the potential and capabilities of technology, you cannot merely decide on others’ advice, if something would be your cup of tea, or whether you want to be a Blockchain expert or prefer a Machine Learning professional as your career field. 

So, one by one, try learning both Blockchain and Machine Learning and check which one is clicking your mind, if it is Blockchain development or Machine Learning experiments. It may take a little longer time, but after some time, you will realize where your brain works, and with this, things get connected enough to guide you to move ahead in the right direction.

Now, it’s clear why you have this dilemma, and it is suggested that you try both. Both seem like excellent long term investments at this point. Machine learning demands excellent academic knowledge and understanding—you, as to be the professional, need to understand what technology are. People usually focus on one technology, and this may be a good thing! But, there is the possibility that after some time, you will start feeling that things are not going in the right direction or something is not getting connected. That may be late.

So, if right now, you have options, if you are aware of different technological possibilities, and if you are confused while making a choice, it would help you to understand exactly what you want, and that is possible by experimenting with every available option. Another reason to learn everything is that all technologies are interrelated and work in collaboration in building futuristic and efficient applications and web solutions.

It is good to be a master of one technology, but it’s also not wrong to choose to learn and understand the basics of all other available options. So, if someone says you to go for Machine Learning, go for Blockchain also. There are several platforms like which can help you learn your desired technology by offering various course options in different technologies. Try everything and be a master of what you are best at.

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