The blood test is no more traditional. Like every other advancement in medical technology, the blood test has got some modern rules.

The Traditional (Old) way of Blood Test.

The traditional approach of having a blood test required a person to visit a diagnosing centre. It was too hectic for a working person. The person might have to stand in a queue and waste much of his/her important time for the test to be performed. In some circumstances, the diagnosing centre was located too far. One need to wait for a long to get the test reports. It was sometimes possible of getting the wrong or inaccurate result as the blood sample didn’t have any proper identity after collection.

The Modern (New) way of Blood Test.

Keeping the busy lifestyle in mind the traditional approach of having a blood test is being wiped off. The all-new on-site sample collection of the Blood Test At Home is ruling over the traditional approach. It is cost effective as well as driven by the customer. One can choose the time and date for the sample collection as per his/her convenience.

With the innovation of doorstep sample collection, you will be able to cut down on co-pays and time wasted in waiting rooms. You can avoid many other annoyances about going to the diagnostic centre. A wide range of preventive healthcare packages that you can use in the comfort of your residence can be booked online form .

The blood test at home is provided by many health checkup service providers. Unlike all other agencies, AreYouHealthy gives the facility of doorstep blood sample collection at the most affordable price. We have partnered with India’s first and most advanced Totally Automated Laboratory. It has a strong presence in more than 2000 cities/towns across India and internationally.

The modernisation in the blood test at home has solved all the problems and difficulties encountered in the traditional approach. Unlike traditional practice, the modern approach utilises highly advanced pieces of equipment and also cares about hygiene and uses a new syringe every time. You even not need to worry about the quality and accuracy of the test reports. We use the bar code method to keep track of the blood samples. This method makes it easy to recognise the blood sample and hence the accuracy is maintained.

Concerning the quality of the test reports, our labs are certified with the reputed certificates like ISO 9001, ISO 27001, CAP, NABL, NGSP & NGSP (For HbA1c). All the collected samples are examined by a well-experienced professional in highly equipped labs.

In this era, nothing is important than your costly time. Even we don’t want you to wait for your test results. It merely takes 48-72 hours to process your test reports and send it to you on your registered email. We promote the less wastage of paper and hence support the e-copy of the reports. Still, you can request us an on-paper report (extra charges applied). We send the hard copy of the report on your registered address.

Booking the test is as easy as ordering a pizza. select your desired test and tap on the Book Now button. You will get a simple form to fill in with your details. Fill it correctly and tap on the submit button and you’re done.

You can even call us on +91 72898 76363, we will do the rest for you.

We offer the blood test at the most aggressive price. You need not to pay any amount before your test is performed. The payment needs to be done to the visiting sample collector after the sample collection.

Speed is our Prime Focus

AreYouHealthy is associated with the top class laboratories across India. They function 24X7. 95% of our business is air-cargo driven which operates 24X7. The reports are generated within 5 hours of the landing of the flight.