Teaching Jobs in India: Eligibility Criteria, Skills, Types and Prospects

To be a teacher is not everybody’s cup of tea. Teaching is one of the noblest professions, and in India, a teacher is always looked upon with great respect and dignity. Teaching jobs are suitable for those who have a passion to teach, to learn, and who love being with children and also have patience in dealing with them. India being known as a country where education is given importance, where there are a huge number of educational institutes, good teachers are quite in demand. Today, a teaching career is not limited to only teaching but also in overall development of the students in personality, in extra-curricular activities, sports and other activities. So, teaching jobs are quite challenging nowadays.


Eligibility criteria for teaching jobs in India

In order to pursue a career in teaching, a candidate should at least be a post-graduate with honors in any specific subject or a graduate with an additional B.Ed. degree. You can do Masters in Education (M.Ed.) for high-school teaching jobs. You can also get job with Content marketing Services lucknow It helps to enhance your chances of promotion or getting the next higher grade. Teaching is a specialized field and also requires training to gain teaching expertise.

For Nursery teacher or Montessori jobs, a special Nursery teachers’ training is available at various institutes. There are other certification teaching courses like as Basic Training Certificate (BTC), Diploma in Education (D.Ed.) and Teacher Training Certificate (TTC) that can help you get teaching jobs. For subjects like as physical fitness instructor, physical education teacher, games teacher, a candidate needs a diploma or certificate from any one of the sports institutes in the country.

For Government schools’ teaching jobs, candidates need to clear the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education. Nowadays, even reputed private schools look for teachers with CTET scores.

In order to pursue a career in teaching in colleges and universities, the essential educational qualifications are to be a post-graduate in any subject, along with an MPhil degree. Doctorates, of course, have better chances. To become a lecturer in any good colleges in India, it is necessary to clear the National Eligibility Test (NET) exam conducted by the University Grants Commission (UGC). Teaching jobs in colleges can be applied only when there is any vacancy.

Additional skills

In-depth knowledge of the subject that you want to teach is, of course, always an essential requirement for teaching jobs. In addition to that, a candidate should possess some essential skills to be a good teacher like as follows:

• To have the passion to teach

• Excellent communication skills

• The ability to grab the attention of young minds

• To instill confidence

• To have the zeal to learn

• To have the ability to make teaching interesting and fun

• To have patience

• To adopt new techniques of teaching as available in today’s age

Jobs responsibilities in teaching jobs

While every schools or institutes have their own structure method of teaching, yet more or less, the job responsibilities of teachers remain the same:

• Teaching the subject of choice

• Developing curriculum

• Preparing notes

• Preparing tests

• Preparing question papers

• Evaluating papers as per school boards’ norms

• Guiding students

• Maintaining discipline in class and school

• Organizing school activities etc.

Teaching jobs’ designations

Depending on the classroom settings and students’ age group and your qualification, you can apply for teaching jobs in the following designations:

• Elementary school teacher

• Primary school teacher

• Middle school teacher

• High school

• Preschool teacher

• Post-secondary education teacher

There are also special education teachers for teaching students with special needs. Then there are music teachers, dance teachers, art teachers, and teachers for vocational education and so on.

Prospects of Teaching Jobs in India

Our country is giving emphasis on education since a long period time. In urban cities, we have seen a mushrooming growth of private schools and colleges. The Government is also setting up a number of schools in villages and rural areas. Candidates can apply for teaching jobs in pre-primary, primary, middle school, or high school/secondary schools, even in colleges and other educational institutes. In India, the concept of coaching or private tuitions is also very popular. So, teaching jobs are available in coaching institutes. Nowadays, online classroom teaching or smart classes have been incorporated in schools as well as in private tuition centers. If you are qualified and fond of teaching, you can start your own tuition center as well or you can be a home teacher. Thus, with right attitude and skill and with a passion, teaching jobs in India do have great growth prospects.