How to Take Care of Musical Instruments While Relocation

Take Care of Musical Instruments While Relocation

Managing the movement of household items is usually difficult and confusing. Carrying heavy and sensitive musical instruments increases stress and difficulty in moving. Musical instruments such as pianos, organs, trumpets, saxophones and drums require care, appropriate packaging materials and experience on the move.

You can hire a professional removalist to pack and transport your musical instrument without the hassle or stress. However, if you want to transport it yourself, here is your complete guide on how to properly pack and transport a musical instrument.

Below you’ll find tips for packing and transporting pianos, brass instruments, string instruments, and drums. You will also find answers to why you need to hire a moving expert in the city.


One of the most difficult instruments to pack and transport is a piano because it is heavy and delicate. To wrap this tool, you will need a detachable strap with lock, blanket and a movable stroller. Following are the steps for packaging and handling the tool.

  • To protect the key, close the cover and secure it with a detachable strap.
  • Wrap the piano with a blanket
  • Please do not lift the piano off your feet and always hold it upright. Don’t move it to one side or let it wiggle.
  • Place the piano on the movable dolly and hang the piano securely. Once you get to the moving truck, lock the dummy wheel and place the piano next to the truck wall.

Tip: Moving heavy equipment such as pianos and organs is difficult and can result in serious injury and accidents. Therefore, it is best to have a professional piano mover do it for you.

Brass instruments

To package and transport brass instruments, you’ll need a velvet hard case to hold the body and parts together. If the case is not accessible, you can use bubble wrap or foam to protect the parts. You may also need peanuts, tape, flat or rectangular squares, etc.

  • Take the moving parts of the instrument and place them carefully into a hard case. If you are using bubble wrap or foam, secure the pieces and carefully place them in the box.
  • Wrap the instrument in a blanket, towel or foil before putting it in the box
  • Pack the instrument properly to prevent the nuts from getting in.

String instruments

Moving string instruments is more demanding than brass instruments, as the sensitive strings click and the instrument body is usually made of wood. In addition, brass which is a metal easily damages wood. Here are some tips for packing and transporting string instruments.

  • If possible, loosen the instrument strings and remove the strip.
  • Get the right box for safe storage of guitars, violins and other stringed instruments
  • Cover moving parts with bubble wrap or foam
  • Be sure to secure the appliance with foam or a blanket before putting it in the box


Packing and moving the rums can be a hassle because these tools have a lot of moving and sensitive parts. If you’re not taking help of professional movers in Perth, here’s how to pack it.

  • Remove the drum kit and wrap any parts such as legs, eardrums, cymbals and sticks with foam or balloon wrap.
  • Get a box to place these items safely. Before putting the pieces or barrels into the box, arrange them with bubbles or foam with packing tape.
  • Store smaller barrels in larger barrels by removing the ends and wrapping them separately.

General tips for packing and moving

Here are some helpful tips from professional movers in Perth to help you pack and move your instrument efficiently.

  • Invest in high quality packaging materials for maximum protection of your appliance.
  • Use original packaging and box, if available and in good condition.
  • Measure tool to get the correct box size
  • Use mobile devices such as straps, trolleys, belts, etc. to repair packaged equipment and facilitate loading into moving trucks.
  • Always lift heavy equipment with leg strength and keep your back and abs tight.

Hire professional moving specialists

Moving musical instruments is a challenge for non-specialists due to lack of training and suitable moving equipment. Incorrect packaging and careless handling can cause permanent damage to many instruments. Professional removalists in Perth are experts with years of experience moving small, large, delicate and heavy musical instruments over long and short distances.

Professionals use the correct packaging materials and ensure that the appliance is packaged securely to protect it from damage during operation and transportation. Hiring professional moving specialists in Perth is an affordable way to transport your musical instruments and prevent loss of belongings.