Streaming Games from Your PC : A Complete Guide

Streaming Games from Your PC

Cloud gaming has been around for a few years now. It is a great way for a lot of people to enjoy their favorite games. It doesn’t require having to buy powerful or expensive computers. However, what you might not know is that you can turn your computer into a remote gaming PC. So you can not only play games on other devices but also control your computer as long as you have access to it. If you have a gaming computer, here is what you need to know to set up your machine for remote access.

Cloud Gaming Vs Remote Gaming

It is important to understand that cloud gaming and remote gaming are very similar. They both have a host system and the device you play your games on. The host system can be a server in the case of cloud gaming. It can be a PC that you already own in the case of remote gaming. If you want to play cloud games, you need a computer that meets the minimum requirements for the service you are using. It also needs a sufficiently fast internet connection. 

For the computer, any PC with a modern CPU that is not more than a few years old, and a reasonably new graphics card is adequate. The best thing about buying a remote gaming computer is that you can use it for local gaming. Whereby you play the games you already own or have installed on it. Companies like Lenovo have great laptop lines that are adequate for both remote and local gaming. Check out the line of Lenovo remote gaming computers to see which one would work best for you.

Choosing the Software

There are numerous ways to set up remote connections on your computer regardless of your operating system. However, it is important to choose software that is built specifically for gaming. This is because this type of software has lower latency than others in the market. It supports a wide range of controllers, It also allows for higher resolutions and frame rates. It supports multiplayer options. Avoid remote access made for IT or enterprise use because these do not have the best features for gaming.

What Software Can You Get?

The three apps you will see used for this are Parsec, Moonlight, and Steam Remote Play. There are other apps on the market, but they are a lot more expensive and do not have as many features as the ones mentioned. Steam Remote Play has great support because it is built by Steam, which is itself a powerful gaming provider, but Parsec has the best features, including support for 4K 60 HZ gameplay.

Setting Up the PC

To prepare your computer for remote gaming, ensure that it is connected to Ethernet. Ethernet typically has higher speeds and is more reliable than a wireless connection. Additionally, you need to make sure your internet connection has a speed of at least 15 Mbps. Once you have checked this, the last step is to install the corresponding software, set it up using provided instructions, and connect your PC remotely to your gaming devices.

Playing remotely is a huge convenience for those who want to game on the go but do not want to pay for expensive cloud gaming. Turning your computer into a remote gaming machine is relatively easy using the right software and a fast enough internet connection.