Some Interesting Facts That You Have to Know About Gemstones

Gemstones are used extensively to create jewelry and they are also worn for the good fortunes that they can bestow on us. We all need some luck when we want to succeed in our careers, marriages and personal lives and for this reason we depend on the positive vibrations of the stars and planets. By wearing the right kind of gemstones as recommended by astrologers, we can have things working for us perfectly and attain the happiness and success that we have always wanted.

Precious stones like diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies are also associated with the royalty. Over the years, many important gemstones have had intimate connection with the rise and fall of dynasties and their prosperity. A lot of the precious gemstones that were once under the private ownership of kings and queens are now in the collection of people who have a thing for such stones. Many of these stones are also valued highly due to their beauty, their association with noble families as well as the good fortunes that they can bring.

Gemstones are quite interesting on their own and they have developed their unique stories over thousands of years of association with humans. Let’s have a look at some of the interesting facts about these gemstones.

  • The name for every specific gemstone is derived from its monetary value, celestial or spiritual properties and socio cultural importance in the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Rome and Greece.
  • In ancient India, the gemstones were classified into two separate categories, namely the major and minor gems. This led to the creation of divine gems.
  • Classically the divine gems are associated with various astrological signs like blue sapphire for Saturn, diamond for Venus, pearl for Moon and red coral for Mars.
  • Currently three distinct categories of gemstones are recognized, namely, Precious Gemstones, Organic Gemstones and Semiprecious Gemstones.
  • Emeralds, diamonds, sapphires and rubies are some of the well known types of precious gemstones.
  • True gem quality is rare to find; fewer than 20% of all gems in the world belong to this category.
  • Emeralds have got many inclusions and rough crystals which make it rather difficult to cut them.
  • Greeks and Romans during the ancient times believed that the diamonds were actually tears of the Gods and created from splinters of the twinkling stars.
  • Turquoise is a type of semiprecious gemstone. The name of the Turquoise gemstone came from “Turkois”, a Greek word that means “Turkish”. This is because the first turquoise gemstones were brought from Turkey. Turquoise has been classically viewed as a wedding anniversary gemstone which is traditionally offered on 5th and 11th anniversaries of marriage.
  • Once considered to be a precious gem, the value of Amethyst eventually got reduced when the scientists discovered large quantities of these stones in Brazil. Nowadays Amethyst is considered to be a notable semiprecious gem.
  • Organic gems are basically gemstones which were created when body parts of living organisms were crystallized and mineralized.
  • Conch pearls, natural pearls and cultured pearls are regarded as some of the most notable forms of organic gems.
  • Pearl farms in the United States can be found in Tennessee and Hawaii.
  • Moonstone is a type of semiprecious gemstone which is believed by people in India to bring great success and fortune.
  • An alternative form of healing method called crystal healing can prove to be useful for healing certain ailments. It is carried out through the powers of gemstones.
  • Aquamarine stones can help in reducing toothaches and Rose Quartz can be used for weight loss, protecting against skin wrinkles and clearing of acne.
  • In Ancient Egypt, the gemstone Lapis Lazuli was crushed into powder and used to make eyeshadow.
  • Lapis Lazuli was also used by Leonardo da Vinci for creating many of his paintings. It was also used in the various Sistine Chapel paintings. The Lapis Lazuli stones were grounded and combined with oils during the 14th century to make paints. At one point of time, Lapis Lazuli was associated with royalty and most royal families had them in their possession.
  • The Amazonite is a microcline that is referred to as the “Prosperity Stone”. It can ensure great financial prosperity by bringing new business. The stone can be worn close to the skin or hung on the doorway to attract the inflow of money.
  • Amethyst stones are usually heat treated for enhancing their color and increasing their overall quality.
  • The Paragon Diamond approximately weighs around 137.82 carats and is regarded as largest piece of loose diamond in this world.
  • The reputable Pink Star Diamond is valued at $83 million and is considered to be the most expensive stone of all time.
  • The vibrant red shade of the rubies results from the presence of chromium. Rubies have always been associated with life and love.