Complete Skincare Guide on Using Face Toners for Clear Skin

Perfectly glowing and healthy skin is a rewarding result of a wholesome diet, routine sleep, and the CTM skincare regime. CTM stands for Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising. Most of us apply moisturisers right after cleansing the face, but the middle part is vital. A toner cleanses, smoothens, refreshes and moisturises the skin from the pores. Although the purpose of toners is not well-understood by many, it is a must in our regular skincare regime. But how to find the best face toner for every skin type? When to use it? Where to find the most suitable and safe toner in the market? Let us address these questions to make toners a part of the skincare regime. 

Face Toners: Try The Goodness of Organic Products 

The cosmetics industry offers different types of face toners to meet the needs of all skin types. But one should always check the list of ingredients before buying them. Some products contain alcohol, sulphate and other toxic ingredients that wreck the skin in the long run. To reap the maximum benefits of a face toner, always opt for 100% organic products. Find the best organic toners online, go through their compositions and choose the most suitable option. 

Face Toners for Clear Skin

A facial toner repairs the skin cells from within and maintains its pH balance too. 

Choose The Best Face Toner For All Skin Types 

Finding the best face toner that soothes and comforts the skin is the most responsible task. Picking out anything from the market and applying it to the skin can be damaging to skin. Even in the range of organic products, there are varieties of options for all skin types. Here is an informative list of things to find the most appropriate toner for every skin type. 

Toner Options For Oily Skin 

  • Pure lavender-based skin toner is perfect for oily skin. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of lavender fight pimple-causing bacteria and germs while soothing the skin cells from within. 
  • Tea tree or basil leaves water-based skin toner is also effective on oily skin. 
  • Toner with astringents is harmful since it rips off the skin from its natural oils. Such products may also cause itchiness and irritation on the skin. 

Toner Variants For Dry Skin 

  • Toner is the most essential product for dry skin. Aloe vera or green apple water-based toner is the perfect companion for people with this skin type. 
  • Choose a light product with no added chemicals. The alcohol content is a stern no for dry skin since it dries skin cells. 
  • Rosewater toner is also effective for dry skin since it suits almost all skin types. 
  • Verify the content of the products before making a purchase. Choose the one with the natural and organic ingredients. 

Toner Variants For Acne-Prone/Sensitive Skin 

  • Acne-prone skin type is the most sensitive state since there is very limited option for people with this infirmity. 
  • Aloe vera water-based toner is perfect for sensitive skin as it stops acne breakout and soothes the skin. 
  • Tea tree is also effective on acne. So, one may also find the best tea tree water-based toner to relax the skin cells and fight pimples. 
  • People with sensitive skin should never try new products without testing them. 

The Appropriate Time To Apply A Skin Toner 

Just like we try to eat and sleep on time to be healthy and focused, our skin needs care at the right time too. A few tips to make the best schedule for using this product will help. 

  • Organic toners are perfect to use twice a day. Incorporate in morning and night skincare routine to see the best results. 
  • AHAs (Alpha-Hydroxy Acid) and BHAs (Beta-Hydroxy Acid) are not for daily use. Do not apply any of them more than twice a week. 
  • Always apply toner at least 5-10 minutes before using a moisturiser or sunscreen. 

Learn How To Use A Face Toner 

The instructions of using a face toner are almost the same unless the company has specified its ground rules on the bottle. Otherwise, it is just a couple of steps. 

  • Cleanse face with a mild, organic and paraben-free cleanser. Wash face with clean water and pat dry. 
  • Soak a cotton ball or pad with the preferred face toner and apply all over the face and neck. Do not try to rub it. 
  • If the toner is in a spray bottle, one can also spray it directly around the face, keeping the eyes closed. 
  • Always wait for a few minutes to let it absorb in the skin before applying moisturiser. 
  • If one is using AHA/BHA based face toner, never use it more than twice a week. 

Every step of the ideal skincare routine is essential to notice the desired results. Missing out on a face toner thinking it does not make much difference will not help the case. Always go for organic face toners to get supple and glowing skin. Choose the one that complements skin type. Enjoy the post-toning glow on the face!