Reasons to do Skiing and Know its Health Benefits


Everyone knows that skiing is a fun activity and except for the professional skiers most want to just enjoy the sport. However, skiing has some additional benefits too and the most important is the health benefit that it offers.

Exercises your core muscles:

Skiing is an art, where you need to balance yourself on the icy slippery slope. To keep steady when a person is going at a speed down an incline requires strong core muscles. The core of the body including the stomach muscles and lower back get strengthened. When your core muscles are strong it becomes easier to travel down a bend or if you fall down on the snow. The core muscles protect your spine from injury too.

Fantastic cardiovascular workout:

It is believed that just 30 minutes of skiing is fantastic for your cardiovascular system. In the cold weather, when you ski, you increase your heart rate resulting in improved blood circulation and also results in better breathing. Both experienced and beginner skiers who walk up the slopes after skiing down give their heart and lungs a good workout.

Lower body workout:

When a skier goes down a slope, he or she bends into a crouching position. This exercises the muscles groups of the lower body such as the thighs, hamstring and buttocks. A skier needs to stretch these muscles properly before starting downhill. If the muscles are not stretched properly then you could harm your muscles and they could even tear. So, stretching and warm ups are essential.

Exercises upper and lower arms:

When a skier turns around moguls, the skier has to use his or her upper and lower arms. Steering is not easy and you need to have good grip strength on the poles. This exercises not only your upper and lower arms but also your shoulders and even lower back.

Lose weight in the process:

One of the fastest ways to lose 5 pounds in a week’s time is by going on a skiing holiday. You expend nearly 3000 calories if you ski 6 hours every day. When you expend so many calories naturally you will lose weight. Also since you will be traveling to places that have sub-zero temperatures, your body will automatically increase the body temperature and this will also result in weight loss.

Care must be taken while skiing and nobody should ski immediately after eating. You need to give at least an hour or two for the body to digest food before you start skiing.

Now that you know that there are many health benefits of skiing, you can plan your ski holiday immediately. There are many ski destinations and you can choose any of them. You have the option of going to a resort in Lech, Austria or you can book a Chalet Courchevel in France, or you can go to Zervatt, Switzerland or enjoy the slopes of Cervinia in Italy. Whatever the destination, plan your holiday in such a way that you reap the health benefits of it.