Significance of Strong Vocabulary in Literature Assignments

Vocabulary in Literature Assignments

The more words you know, the lesser the number of words you need to explain your perspective. Less is more, after all, they say.

Generally speaking, literature is a collection of works in written form. As an area of study, literature is defined as a piece of writing that uses language in such a way that it becomes an interesting piece of art. Therefore, it can safely be termed as an artwork of words. In literature, language is put to use in such a way that it delivers message in the articulated form.

Additionally, a piece of literature is deemed to have intellectual value as well. Same words when used elsewhere will have a different impact. Popular examples of literature are poetry, prose, drama, novel, and fiction. Other literature items are essays, articles, stories, non-fiction, media, etc.

Right from the definition of literature, we can infer that creativity in word usage is at the heart of it. Needless to say, a strong vocabulary is an essential part of literature assignments. 

Ease of expression

With enormous volumes of vocabulary at your disposal, you can enjoy the luxury of expressing your point of view in a much easier way. Since you’re not short of words, you can portray your viewpoint with precision.

Lasting impression

When highly refined words cross your eyes, all you remember later is their essence. Means, message delivered effectively! That is the whole point of writing, that the reader gets the context and retains it too. This way, the writer achieves his goal without going through much hassle.

Just as some beautiful piece of art catches the eye, a beautifully written piece of literature attracts the reader’s attention.

Clear communication of idea or event

With a strong backup of vocabulary, you can easily refrain from beating about the bush while explaining. As compared to too wordy statements, brief ones are more likely to be heard and understood. To make them brief, all you need is a very firm knowledge of as many words as possible. Once you have a strong base of vocabulary, all you need to concentrate on is the actual content to be shared, which in turn determines the quality of your document.

Had you have a week vocabulary base, you would have been spending time digging out the write words for your text. That is not the end yet. You would then be spending time putting them to use in an acceptable manner. Since searched words were not actually the output of your learning or practice, your confidence level while deploying them would be low. This whole exercise could result in miserable use of good vocabulary.


With the ever increasing complexities of today’s life, no one has much time on his hands to go through bulks of text. Similarly, professors expect clear and concise assignments which can only be achieved through a wide vocabulary of words. Brevity, or conciseness, can be attained only if you have a huge variety of words at your disposal to seek help from.

A rich vocabulary let’s you finish your task in lesser time too. Since you don’t have to fill lengths of pages just to make your point clear, you can get away with your work in just no time. Moreover, it also helps to lessen the stress while doing assignments as you don’t have to consult dictionaries or reference books to add variety to you words.

When you are richly blessed with the diversity of words stored inside your head, you have all the reasons to be an effective writer. Besides being effective, you can also act efficiently as your time is already saved by the grace of that extended vocabulary. So, let’s make dictionary our best friend from now onwards as this bond is likely to take you to new heights of creativity in writing.


Higher level of studies usually involves specialized subjects and majority of subjects have jargons specific to them. By jargon we mean specialized terminology – the terms exclusively used for that field of study. It can also be termed as technical language of a certain profession. By using jargons we make it easier for other people of the group to understand our idea. Similarly, by using refined words, we make it easier for our readers to comprehend what is being covered in the article, etc.

Moreover, our professors or supervisors at higher level of education do not expect us to be as naive in using innovative terms as a grade 5 student is. Therefore, to satisfy their level of expectations we need to be a bit more industrious while producing assignment. Alongside, care has to be taken that we don’t make our write up so difficult that no one enjoys reading it. The purpose is not to annoy, but to inspire others. So, the ability to use the right words at the right moment is also required.