Top 10 Side Effects Of Drinking Soda That You Should Be Aware Of

Soda drinks are the top choice for millions of youngsters and children. The sweet taste, energizing jolt, and pleasant fizz makes drinking soda challenging to resist. According to the data from NHAEH (the National Health & Nutrition Examination Survey), 2005–2008, 50 percentages of the population of United States consume sugary drinks every day, and 25 percentages consume more than one can (12 ounces) of cola. It would be right to say that we are addicted to drinking soda.

This addiction is such that in the absence of a can of soda, many people cannot think of having their lunch and dinner. Although the ingredients in soda beverages are considered safe, there are also a lot of hidden dangers in these drinks that can cause many side effects of drinking soda. Anyone may suffer from these side effects, especially people who drink soda in excess regularly.

Familiarizing yourself with these possible adverse effects may help you to make the apparent decision to quit this habit. So, today we will show you the top 10 side effects of drinking soda that you should be aware of. Continue reading this article to learn more.

Side Effects Of Drinking Soda

1. Increase Risk Of Obesity

Increasing the risk of obesity is one of the side effects of drinking soda on the body. The high contents of sugar and other artificial sweeteners in sodas have hidden calories and cause a whole set of hormonal & physiologic responses in your body. This will contribute to increased waist circumference as well as weight gain. Although artificial sweeteners are quite low in calories, they also confuse the brain and cause a craving for sugar.

According to one study in the American journal in 2006, beverages sweetened with sugar, mainly soda, give little nutritional benefit and lead to weight gain and the risk of suffering from diabetes, dental caries, and fractures. In a famous meta-analysis of 88 health studies in the American Journal in 2007, researchers inspected the association between the consumption & nutrition of soft drinks and health outcomes. They discovered clear associations between the intake of soft drinks with the input of increased energy and body weight.

2. Effects Of Drinking Soda – Harm Your Heart

Regular or excess consumption of soda boosts up the risk of developing a vascular event, like a stroke and heart attack, even resulting in death. Therefore, this is one of the leading effects of drinking soda that you should know. In a study in the American Journal in 2009, researchers tracked the whole health of 88,520 ladies ages from 34 to 59 for more than two decades.

They found that ladies who drank over two servings of sugary drinks daily get a 40 percent higher chance of heart attacks or even death from the heart-related disease than those who rarely taken sugary drinks. According to another 2012 study of 42,883 men more than two decades, people who consumed an average of 1 can of a sugary drink per day get a 20 percent higher chance of developing a heart attack or even death from heart attacks than those who rarely taken sugary beverages.

3. Increase Blood Pressure

Another side effect of drinking soda is an increased blood pressure level. High intake of soda is known to cause high pressure in the blood, which is also known as hypertension & is one of the critical reasons for heart disease. In fact, high blood pressure may gradually make the heart muscles weaker, which in turns increases the risk of getting a heart attack, cardiac arrest, and heart failure.

According to a study in Hypertension in 2011, regular intake of soda drinks was directly & significantly linked to high blood pressure. It is because of the high fructose corn syrup present in these drinks, which contributes to high blood pressure. Also, according to one study in the American journal in 2011, high fructose corn syrup would be linked to hypertension, regardless of a history of this condition.

4. Effects Of Drinking Soda – Damage Your Kidneys

This is considered as one of the side effects of drinking soda. The content of high phosphoric acid and high fructose corn syrup present in soda beverages may affect the function of your kidneys. According to a study in 2011, daily consumption of 2 or more soda beverages significantly increases the chance of damaging the kidneys as well as inhibiting their function. Taking soda regularly also raises the chance of kidney stones, which will cause painful urination, urine, a fever, vomiting, and nausea.

A study in Kidney International in 2008 analyzed the consumption pattern of fructose in 45,984 guys for 48 years. There are 4,902 guys were found to have kidney stones. This study found that a high intake of fructose increases the chance of getting oxalate, calcium, and uric acid kidney stones. Moreover, a study conducted in 2013 confirms that excessive intake of soda raises the chance of suffering from kidney stones. To keep your kidneys away from the damage, stop drinking soda beverages right away.

5. Harm Your Teeth

Another of the leading effects of drinking soda is to harm your teeth. Most of the soda beverages available on the market are comprised of added sugar and citric acid, which aren’t good for the teeth. High consumption of soda may damage the protective enamel on your teeth and be harmful to composite fillings and dentin, ultimately resulting in cavities. If combined with poor oral hygiene, it can leave a disastrous result.

Moreover, the sugar in soda drinks can result in bad breath and tooth decay. According to a study in 2009, excessive consumption of soft drinks may cause some complex dental problems including dental caries and erosion. This study also provides tips to keep dental erosion & cavities at bay, such as limiting the intake of soft beverages, opting for low erosive soft drinks, and not brushing the teeth within 1 hour of eating acidic food.

6. Effects Of Drinking Soda – Reduce The Strength Of Bone

Excess consumption of carbonated beverages can result in reduced bone strength. This is particularly true for women prone to getting weak bones with age. According to an article in an American journal in 2006, women who drink regular & diet cola are more prone to suffer from weaker hip bones than people who do not consume these drinks. Low bone mineral density didn’t appear to be linked to other forms of carbonated beverages, but the report noted that it needs for additional research to confirm these findings.

Soda drinks like cola have phosphoric acid, which will interfere with the ability of your body to absorb calcium and may result in osteoporosis & bone softening. Moreover, phosphoric acid also interferes with stomach acid, slowing the digestion, and blocking the absorption of nutrients. Doing weight-bearing exercise regularly and taking calcium & vitamin D adequately are the best solutions to protect your bones.

7. Cause Liver Disease

Another side effect of drinking soda is to cause liver disease. Taking too many soda drinks is bad for the liver. Excess intake may increase the risk of getting liver disease. The content of high fructose corn syrup present in it can be partly to blame. According to a study in a Canadian journal in 2008, intake of soft drinks can be related to the fatty liver without traditional risk factors. Furthermore, according to a study in Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism in 2011, intake of dietary fructose can cause nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

In addition to the content of high fructose corn syrup present in these drinks, the artificial sweetener aspartame found in soda can also cause the chemical formaldehyde to build up in the liver & bind to protein molecules. In fact, this may be harmful to your liver health. Making the switch to plain and fresh water is one of the best options that you may do for your liver.

8. Effects Of Drinking Soda – Increase The Risk Of Diabetes

Anything that causes weight gain automatically increases the chance of suffering from diabetes. Because soda affects the ability of your body to process sugar and leads to weight gain, people who take this sugary drink are at a higher chance of diabetes. According to a study in an American journal in 2004, the vast amounts of absorbable sugars & excess calories in beverages sweetened with sugar, such as fruit punches and soft drinks can contribute to weight gain & an increased chance of Type 2 diabetes.

According to a study in 2008, regular consuming soft drinks & fruit drinks sweetened with sugar is linked to an increased chance of getting Type 2 diabetes in African American women in the U.S. Moreover, according to a study in the British Medical Journal in 2015, increasing consuming sugar-sweetened drinks such as sodas is linked to a higher prevalence of this disease. Therefore, quitting or limiting your consumption of soda will aid you in maintaining a healthy weight and reducing the risk of suffering from diabetes.

9. Increase The Risk Of Gout

Gout may cause pain & discomfort, and also be one of the reasons for a high level of uric acid in your body. The high content of dietary fructose in soda may result in a high level of uric acid, thus increasing the chance of gout. According to a study in the British Medical Journal in 2008, the consumption patterns of beverages of 46,393 guys were assessed over 12 years. And out of these, 755 guys were diagnosed with gout as well as reported an unhealthy excess taking soda rich in fructose.

In a study in 2010, it is analyzed the link between fructose-rich drinks and the chance of gout in women. 78,906 women without the history of gout were studied for approximately 22 years. This study found that females who drank soda beverages regularly reported high levels of uric acid in the body, leading to developing gout. People who suffer from gout have other health problems, such as diabetes, uric acid kidney stones, and hypertension. These harmful effects of drinking soda give you many reasons why stopping drinking soda is an intelligent decision.

10. Effects Of Drinking Soda – Increase The Risk Of Cancer

The artificial caramel coloring that is used to give cola drinks a brown color and the high content of sugar in soda may raise the risk of cancers. The two contaminants present in caramel coloring (4-methylimidazole and 2-methylimidazole) increase the chance of breast, esophageal, throat, and colon cancer. According to one study in PLOS One in 2015, the caramel color present in soft drinks & exposure to 4-methylimidazole may increase risks of cancer & burdens.

According to a study in Cancer Research in 2016, the high content of sugar in the western diet also can increase the chance of breast cancer & metastasis to the lungs. For many people, a good part of the extra sugar can come from soda. Decreasing the intake of sugar by avoiding soda beverages may play an essential role in reducing your risk of cancers.

Above are 10 side effects of drinking soda you should be aware of. All content provided is for informational and educational purposes. We recommend you consult a health care professional to determine which method is appropriate to you.

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