Shower Curtain Manufacturers Impact in Indian Market

A shower curtain is made by the use of textural material such as linen. They are most often used in a tub-and-shower combination. Shower curtains offer privacy while keeping your shower water from splattering out onto the floor. They are usually available in the almost endless array of materials, color, and designs. It allows personalizing your bathroom in keeping with your customize style and color. There are a huge number of shower curtains manufacturers in India

Types of shower curtains

  • Synthetic shower curtains
  • Fabric Shower Curtains
  • Hooks vs Hookless
  • To Line or Not to Line

Synthetic Shower Curtains: Man-made fabrics are the easiest to care for and mainly the less expensive. On the other hand, vinyl curtains are durable but not easy to be washed and dryer safe. They don’t require a liner, but they can also feel unpleasant if they waft into the shower and touch your bare skin. Polyester shower curtains are quite softer than vinyl shower curtains. They are easy to clean.

Fabric Shower Curtains: These types of shower curtains are bit costly than synthetic ones and they are more appealing and luxurious. They come in a wide range of fabrics, like cotton, linen, and hemp. Cotton and linen are soft and natural looking. On the other hand, hemp is eco-friendly and quietly rustic but not as sturdy as other fabrics.

Hooks vs Hookless: These types of shower curtain come in huge range of designs. Open hooks are very easy to install because you just slip them into the shower curtain openings designed for them and hook them over the top of the rod. Hookless shower curtains come in many types. They have split rings wrapped in the fabric, which slip over your existing rod.

To Line or Not to Line: Shower curtains liners have two main big tasks. They keep the shower curtain away from you and they are the first line of defense against water escaping your tub. The most popular liners have magnets in the hems on the sides to help seal them to the tub.

Shower curtains come in various lengths and sizes, so always make sure you measure the space where you will hang them. A too short curtain can let water escape, and too long will look silly outside of the tub.

You can place an order for best shower curtains to decorate your home. The shower curtains manufacturers can be the right choice to place your bulk order for your small businesses. You can contact them at their respective official websites.