12 Basic Tips to Consider When Shopping for a Diamond Engagement Ring?


Diamonds are forever. symbol of eternal love.

A diamond engagement ring is the symbol of romance, love, and forever bond. A diamond ring is a huge investment and choosing one can be a little daunting task. It is easier to pick a piece that is readily available with the jewelry store rather than getting into a customized piece because you’re not sure how the custom piece would turn out after making it.  

You must work around your budget when selecting the perfect diamond ring for your girl. It is rightly said, “A diamond is a girl’s best friend while a solitaire diamond is the best of them all.” Diamonds are loved and adored. 

The majority of people choose solitaire diamond engagement rings. Solitaire is a ring with a single diamond set in white, yellow, or platinum. Since the stone is the only focal point of the jewelry, it is a pricey diamond. It comes in a range of sizes, colors, carats, and clarity, so it can fit into any budget.

Buying an engagement ring depends on several factors apart from your budget. It is a symbol of “love.” It will surely pass down to other generations in the future. The shape of the diamond, its cut, the metal properties, the type of settings, and other factors all play a role in choosing an engagement ring.

Diamond Engagement Ring

Consider the following key points when shopping for a diamond engagement ring for a smart purchase:

1. Know the 4Cs:

Learning about the 4Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight) is the first step in purchasing a diamond engagement ring. The 4 Cs are the industry standard for determining the authenticity of a GIA-created diamond.

The 4 Cs are:

  1. Cut: The cut of the diamond determines how well it unleashes its light. 
  2. Color: Diamonds that are colorless are rare and high in price. D to Z is the color grading of the diamond generalising lack of color. 
  3. Clarity: The clarity of the diamond highly depends on the absence of blemishes and inclusions. 
  4. Carat Weight: The carat of the diamond determines the diamond’s apparent size. 

Once you’re clear about all the Cs, you need to make one C as your priority to help choose an engagement ring. 

2. Pick side stones:

Side stones are a great way to add sparkle to an engagement ring’s atmosphere. Channel or pave diamonds, as well as diamond baguettes on either side of the diamond in either shape, are the most common choices.

3. Choose the setting:

A solitaire diamond ring doesn’t require any side stone. But when it comes to other diamonds, it is usually held by placing some side stones along. The setting plays a vital role. Firstly, it is placed to enhance the beauty of the diamond and secondly, it protects the diamond from damage. The three common form of setting includes:

1. Prong:

A prong is a small metal support that is used to hold something in place. Four to six prongs hold the diamond in place.

2. Bezel:

A thin metal strip is pushed and hammered around the gem to keep it in place in this environment. The bezel setting ensures that the center stone is well protected.

3. Halo:

The middle of the stone is encircled by tiny diamonds. It enlarges the stone and may add glimmer to an engagement ring.

4. Pick a metal for the band:

The type of metal you pick for the arrangement of diamond rings has a lot to do with its look and style. For instance, a colorless diamond looks good with a white gold, a tint of yellow on a diamond looks good with yellow gold and a high quality diamond goes well with platinum. 

For a modern look, platinum and white gold are the most common metal bands. These days rose gold is the most trending metal band that gives a soothing and feminine appearance.  

5. Get the most sparkle and size:

When it comes to diamonds of identical clarity and colour, the cut is what makes them sparkle! Choose one with a GIA cut rating of “excellent” for a dazzling sparkle. As a matter of fact, the more diamonds on an engagement ring, the more it will shine. Hence, you must consider side stones. 

6. Pick the ring that suits her style and not yours:

An engagement ring is worn everyday for a lifetime. It must signify the personality of the wearer. Hence, while shopping for a diamond engagement ring, choose a style preferred by the girl and put your taste aside. The simplest way is to ask her or if you’re planning to surprise then you can find out in different ways as well. 

  1. Observe her style of jewellery preowned by her.
  2. You can ask her friend because who else knows it better!
  3. Go for diamond jewellery shopping together. This way you get to learn about her style.
  4. A heart shaped diamond ring is perfect for a romantic couple. 
  5. If she is flexible and easy to go with trends, then choosing the latest ring designs will never disappoint her. 

7. Look at diamond under different lighting conditions:

Did You Know? Diamonds look different in various lightning conditions. A day light, candle light, spotlight, a fluorescent light all accentuates diamond differently. The reason being diamond facets that reflect the surrounding. Hence, before buying an engagement ring, be sure to look the diamond in a different light. 

8. Understand the difference between the shape of the diamond, cutting style of the diamond, and diamond cut quality:

Before you go out shopping for an engagement ring, you should know the difference between a diamond’s form, cutting style, and consistency. The round diamond shape is the most common. Oval, heart, cube, pear, marquise, and rectangle are some of the other shapes available.

The facet arrangement of the diamond, such as emerald cut, round cut, square, or rectangular cut, is referred to as the cutting style. The cut consistency of a diamond refers to how well the facets connect with the sun. Diamonds cut in the same shape and style can vary in table size, girdle thickness, polish, and symmetry. These gaps have an effect on their face-up looks as well as the consistency of their cuts.

9. Get to know her ring size:

If you’re planning to buy a ring on your own to surprise her, you probably are unaware of her ring size. You can definitely get to know her size from her parents or friends. Or else a simple trick can help. Borrow a ring of her when it is not around, trace the inner circle on a piece of paper, or press the ring on a soap to get the impression. A jeweller can use it to estimate her size. And Voila! You got it right. 

10. Decide your budget:

Setting a budget is utmost important before you overspend on the diamond ring. The tip here is: learn the 4 Cs, set your priority, do some comparison and lastly choose the one that fits your budget. 

11. Pick a jeweller:

Jewellery is an investment and you need to make a wise choice. Buy from a jeweller who is reputed. Check for the testimonials on their website or credentials by the GIA. 

12. Insist on  diamond grading report:

When buying the ring, ask for the grading report. This will ensure the quality and authenticity of the diamond bought by you. It provides peace of mind. 

A Bonus Tip:

Listen to your heart. In the end, what matters is – what gazes your look at? When you see the one you know that’s what you wanna pick. Diamonds are forever. It is a symbol of eternal love. Congratulations! 

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