Shopping – A Pleasure or a Pain

Who is not fond of shopping? The word shopping brings a smile on the faces of people of every age group. Everyone wants to look good, have cool and latest electronic gadgets, carry products which are of use. Besides all this, for maintaining the status in the society, an individual wants everything that is required by him or her. You can purchase anything you want from the market. A number of shops are set up which helps you in fulfilling all your needs. Furthermore, with the rising demands various shopping malls, hubs and complexes have been made which are the collection of stores offering a variety of products and services to the surrounding region.

Especially for girls, shopping is a hobby. Just hand over the credit card to them and they will spend most of the money on buying clothes, matching accessories and footwear and then on the kitchen products and items to decorate the house. It’s a pleasure for them to try different brands, colors, and types of clothes. The love for shopping in them is immense and they are no less when it comes to bargaining.

Nowadays the advancement in online shopping has gained the attraction of the entire population. You just need to select the product and then place an order and within 2-3 days it will be delivered to you. This type of shopping provides several advantages to the people. For them, shopping becomes more convenient and pleasing. However, there are also some disadvantages of online shopping which refrain people from buying the products. You can check the advantages and disadvantages from below:


• It saves the time and effort of an individual.

• It provides the convenience of shopping while sitting at home.

• Wide variety of products available for buying.

• Good discounts during the sale time.

• Prices are comparatively lower than offline shopping.

• It allows a comparison of various brands.

• Privacy for discreet purchases.


• Delays are likely in the case of online shopping.

• There is a high risk of fraud.

• Returning a product can be complicated.

• Lack of examining the product.

Let’s consider a case that you are going on a tour along with your family. First of all, you will check all the things that will be needed while traveling. After checking you will go buy all the necessary items or products or just select the one online and place an order. The two basic things required when on a journey are food and water. Now a question will strike in your mind regarding how to keep the food fresh and water and drinks cold during summers while on a journey. The answer is simple. You can buy a cooler. If your tour is of 2-3 days then the Small Cooler is the best one can have and afford. Apart from this, you also need clothes and footwear, necessary gadgets and equipment, etc. It is advisable to make a list of all items and then check for the ones you have or not. You can then go shopping to purchase the required item.

Shopping is a pleasure, but at times it could turn out to be a pain. Often you face a situation when you go shopping looking for a particular product but finds difficulty when you don’t get it. Searching in every shop and store, visiting different shopping complexes and malls makes you tired and exhausted. Even online shopping fails to satisfy your requirements. In such a case the pain and frustration you go through are unavoidable. Thus, it becomes tough to get exactly what you want and then end up buying a totally different product.

Hence, shopping is fun as well as an exhausting activity. But nobody will ever stop buying considering only the negative points because to fulfill the necessities you need to shop.