Top 4 Easy Ways to Secure Your Android Smartphone

The fact that an average person spends 2 hours and 51 minutes on their smartphone in a day is enough to understand the role of a smartphone in our lives. Our routine communication, transactions, and even our emotions of joy and fear are related to the smartphones. You see it being used for several important purposes like banking, storing personal information, passwords, mobile payments, and so on.

Considering its role in multiple tasks, it is important to keep your smartphone secure. It is crucial because people are using Facebook spy apps for Android for gaining access to your personal information and chats histories. In such cases, the data becomes more important than the phone itself. Keeping it secure is the only way to protect yourself.

If you are new to using an Android smartphone and you are unaware of how to keep it secure, then we are sharing some tips to secure your Android phone from a possible data breach.

 Android Smartphone

Set up your screen lock

Perhaps the most basic yet significant way to secure your Android phone is by using a screen lock on it. Generally, if you are using your new phone for the first time, the phone will prompt you to set up a screen lock. Modern smartphones have introduced advanced ways to unlock the phone. Fingerprint scanner or face unlock methods are quick and secure methods to protect your device. However, if you want to use a screen password, then you can set up a pattern or PIN as a screen lock option if the fingerprint scanner fails to respond.

There is something important to follow while setting up a pattern/PIN/password. Keep in mind that you don’t set up an easy to guess code for your smartphone. But it should not be too difficult as well as there is a possibility that you might forget it either.

Lock your apps

Besides securing your phone using a lock screen, you must also lock your apps that keep your personal information or important data. This includes WhatsApp, photo gallery, and any other app where you store your personal files and documents. If you do not want a Facebook spy app for Android to access your information, then lock your apps with important data. One way to do this is to use an app locking feature that often comes built-in. But in case it is missing on your Android phone, then you can download one of the third-party apps from the Play Store.

Avoid installing unknown apps

Gone are the days when people used to access your phone physically to steal your personal data. There are sophisticated malware and spyware that do this job now. Anyone can use them and easily steal the data stored on your Android smartphone. These apps provide various other features. They can keep a track of your location.

A Facebook spy app for Android can record your chats and even WhatsApp history.
All these apps are invisible, that makes them more dangerous. To prevent a systematic data breach, you must only use the apps that are developed by authorized developers. Only install the app from the Play Store. There is no reason for you to download and install the apps other than the Play Store and compromise on your security.

Google regularly screens all the apps and weed out those that do not follow their quality standards. This ensures that any app that you download from the Play Store is safe and secure.

Do not install any ‘Booster’ app

There are plenty of apps in the Play Store that claim to boost the performance or enhance the security of the phone. It is strictly recommended to stay away from these apps as they do more harm than good. Most of these apps are developed by the Chinese developers that are known to silently steal a user’s information just like a Facebook spy app for Android steal a user’s information in the background.
There is a similar story regarding the use of anti-virus apps. It is better to use Google Play Protect which actively scans your device to protect it from the harmful apps.