Top 11 Tips to Save Money on Your Dream Wedding

Save Money on Wedding

Have you ever that how an average wedding in the United Kingdom cost?  Well, it would cost around $25,000, which is far more than the income of an annual middle-class family. The expenses for the wedding can add up quickly around 6% of the couple would end the marriage in the budget, 26% couples go beyond the budget, 23% couples confess that they have no budget and the reaming 65% couples spend more than they have.

Every bride and groom wish for a Fairy-tale wedding, without spending much? Keeping it as a concern of UK’s bride’s and groom, MME Prestige has prepared an infographic that contains some fascinating tips that cut the wedding cost dramatically. These ideas might not be your cup of tea, but we are sure you will find something wondrous in our Money Savvy Wedding Guide Plan.

The Money Savvy Wedding Plan

The Ring: Emblem the wedding oath with a beautiful band that suit your style. Don’t worry! About the price tag, traditional rings always look gorgeous. Look around everywhere, before settling on one budget.

1. Go Vintage:

Vintage rings hold their class, or when the ring is of your grandmother it becomes more unique. Surprise her! In a most beautiful romantic way.

2. The Venue:

Decide where you want to get married- countryside or city wedding. Choose mid-week or Sunday it costs you cheaper than a Friday or Saturday ceremony. Have wedding and reception at the same place. It will help save you from the huge chunk.

Prepare a list of all the venues, ask them about the different wedding packages, about the layout and furniture.

Simpler it is, more stylish it looks.

3. Family and Guests:

Don’t over invite! Share the ceremony with close friends and family members. Welcome rest of the guests at the reception and enjoy the cracking party!

Ask your family members to show their different skills.

4. Wedding Dresses:

Watch out at the high-street shops and boutiques there have gorgeous wedding dresses at affordable price.

You may also hire the wedding dress for the bride and groom. Make sure you are having pretty and comfortable wedding heels, as you have to wear them for long hours.

5. Wedding Photographer/Videographer

Most Important! The wedding is an unforgettable, timeless essence. So, you can’t be a compromise on getting a professional photographer. Photos-keep the moment alive.

Book your wedding photographer in advance, do ask for the pre-wedding shoots discounts.

6. Stationary and decorations:

Experiment with photos, flowers, ribbons or create yourself beautiful handmade wedding invitations. Create a scrapbook of marriage, ask you guests do comment their lovely wishes.

You also get surprised, how creative you are!

7. Food, Drinks and Cake:

Get an independent caterer it works out cheaper. Many big supermarkets also offer to customize celebration cakes, ask them to customise a delicious wedding cake for your big day.

8. Go Buffet!

Instead of having traditional wedding breakfast, organise a buffet, so that the guests will have a huge choice what exactly they want to have. Go for Sparkling wine, instead of champagne.

9. Wedding Car

We love to arrive in style at the wedding. In the case of fixed budget, it becomes quite tight! You may ask your friend to drive you in a smart/vintage car to the marriage ceremony.Else, book any of your favorite wedding car hire in advance from the lavish Rolls Royce to sporty BMW, extortionate Mercedes-Benz to decadent Bentley. Do ask them for the offers or the chauffeur hourly-rate. Decorate it with streamers, flowers, silk ribbons or slogans. And here you go.

10. Entertainment

Create a CD of your favourite play songs, which you can hear throughout the night. It will save you from the cost of DJ or Band prices and adds your personal touch.

11. Hair and Make-up:

Instead of booking a professional makeup artist, ask your friend to do your make-up- but after many tests run.