Find Top 6 Must Have Equipment To Do Rafting

Equipment To Do Rafting

The implements that are needed to rafting are not really many, contrary to what most people think. Obviously, the main element that is needed is a type of boat that has some characteristics in specific, in most cases a kayak , a canoe or a raft is used that will take us to make the journey in the same direction and at the same rhythm of the current that the river has. Generally, the operators are in charge of offering all the necessary equipment necessary to carry out the descent.

Rafting Equipment

1. Lifejackets

This is a totally essential equipment and we must have at our disposal before rafting, taking into account that this specific element can contribute significantly to save lives in case of falling into the river bed that is being travelled, since swimming in these rivers of white-water is definitely not easy, for this reason it is always recommended to have it placed, even from the beginning of the practice of this sport.

2. Helmet

Considered another element of vital importance before rafting, this equipment in particular can protect us from blows that we can suffer, not only if there is a fall to the water, but   also the blows that exist inside the boat, since sometimes During the tour, there is the possibility of going under trees that are on the banks of rivers, something that represents a danger for the branches that can hit the people who do this sport.

3. Shoes

Before rafting it is very important to be shod, as in some opportunities there is the possibility of having to get off the raft and even if we get to suffer a fall during the trip, we can avoid blows or cuts in the feet that we can suffer by the rocks that are in the rivers. In this sense,   the use of shoes will help us to suffer from fewer inconveniences that could harm us.

4. Neoprene suits

Wearing suits made of this material is ideal, since these will be responsible for isolating the cold from the water. However, we must take into account that not all tour operators offer it and fortunately, the cold of some rivers is still tolerable. In the case of the ladies what is recommended is a preferably whole swimsuit, with shorts and flannel that are also considered good alternatives.

5. Paddling

This does not stop being one of the main equipment that is needed to be able to raft since without them this sport cannot be possible. The oars are the materials used by people and are responsible for driving the raft and in addition to this, to direct and control each of their movements during the journey that is made by the river.

6. Whistles

In most opportunities these are available in the life jacket. The whistle is considered a very useful tool when we make the descent, taking into account that if we fall into the water, the rescue team can find us more easily. When a person goes to the water descends faster than the raft and sometimes even you can lose sight of the people who suffer from this accident, it is in these almost where the whistle fulfils its main task.

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