Salaries of Cricket Commentators Per Series and Tournaments


Sports has the widest media concentration in the present world. And to carry it excellently to the audience, the commentators serve as the pivotal character for every transmission. The analysis pre and post-match, review of the game and the interview of the former players is conducted by the commentators, adding an impressive and necessary value to the game.

Today the game is not a casual scripture of the players that land into the ground and play the game. Instead, the sports have modernized so much that the game is covered with plenty of techs, media, and other resources. And that is how money is made. 

The commentary professionals, like Ravi Shastri, Martin Tyler and Mark Nicholas are always busy in linking the sports to the TV spectators and the radio crowd. Since a century, the commentators have been doing this job and as result, they earn a handsome amount of money.

Every broadcasting channel, whether Super Sports, Sony Liv, BBC or the Sky Sports carry a panel of the expert commentators that they employ in every series and tournaments around the cricketing world. Alongside they even hire the national commentators, of the opponent team to spice up the entertainment. 

This very organized chapter is fundamental for all those cricketers that sought luck in commentary after retiring from the field as it keeps them posted to the games, and brings them a chance to keep on their game. Certainly not in the field, but with their voice off the field. Well, here we have the salaries of some famous cricketers, mainly chaptering the Indian media:

1. Sunil Gavaskar

When the old Indian commentator, Shastri, went elder enough not to continue with the commenting spree, the broadcasting medium thought wise to replace him. Gavaskar was one of the commentators that came in, succeeding Shashtri.

Though he even worked during the days when Shastri was live, later he earned a major position, certainly a promotion after Shastri left. Well, Gavaskar earned around $864,000 annually which includes commentary salary from the international games and the T20 league organized in India.

2. Sanjay Manjrekar

Manjrekar’s commentary quality could be rated as professional. Since very long he has been doing this job and has performed in all the major events since the start of his vocal career. While the Indians criticize him being biased as he was found supporting his hometown, rather than appearing neutral.

But that is much like the sentiments of the audience rather than the speculation of the broadcasting boards. Further, Manjrekar makes $865,000 every year, just $1,000 more than Gavaskar.

3. Harsha Bhogle

Bhogle is an all-around commentator, who is working since the age of 19. Though he never appeared in international cricket, his intent towards sports journalism expanded his career. He started off as a commentator on an Indian national radio in the early 90’s which inspired the Australians for the next coming series.

Subsequently, they appointed him to come along the Indian side and perform the commentary job. Later his resume included BBC and some other major broadcasting mediums. While with his commentator job a major profile, Bhogle makes $793,000 every year.

4. Michael Vaughan

Vaughan’s cricketing career was an inspiration for many of the young English batsman. His textbook shots mixed with the contemporary innovatory shots serve as the doctrine for many of the batting units.

While after he surceases his career, he was appointed by an English broadcasting sports channel to work as a commentator. Though an English, his appearance in the Indian T20 league brought him to this list. Well, Vaughan makes $937,000 every year through tournaments in and out of England.

5. Ian Bishop

Ian Bishop has an unforgettable career in the cricketing world. With the ball, he was very much influencing and tackled the batsmen pretty intelligently. And with the mic, he is extravagant. His commentary career paved new roads for him as doing this job he successfully completed his MBA. Well, Bishop makes around $721,000 every year through the commentary job that he performs in the international media and the Indian local T20 league.

6. Anil Kumble

After the retirement from the international cricket, Kumble restored his career as the coach of the Indian cricket team. But later he even surceases that job and went to rest. After a certain interval, he was appointed by a broadcasting board to perform as a commentator in an Indian cricket series. And later his vocal performance inspired the local Indian media that appointed him for the T20 league. In total, Kumble makes around $793,000 every year from his commentary profession.

7. Pommie Mbangwa

After completing a fine career with the Zimbabwean cricket team, Pommie Mbangwa was offered a commentary and analysis career by the Super Sports. Well, Mbangwa would have been a millionaire back in his country with the money he makes with the commentary job. In a recent report, it is revealed that he makes around $432,000 every year from just the commentary job.

8. Michael Slater

Slater is another foreign voice performing in the Indian T20 league. This former Australian batsman was way famous the way he performed. And he was always a headache for the bowlers as they spent a hard time sending him back to the pavilion. Likewise, he quickly earned fame in the world on commentary which brings him around $435,000 every year. 

9. David Lloyd

The more you stay humorous the greater fans you get. The commentary job requires a happy, fresh and enchanting voice that could make every side enjoy the game. While not just the commentary the contact centers even require this skill.

Well, David Lloyd, a fantastic English batsman certainly sits atop plenty of other commentators because of his energetic commenting concepts that coincide with the best formats of vocal delivery. Further, Lloyd makes around $721,000 from his commentary job.

10. Nasser Hussain

Hussain is one of the highest-grossing commentators from England. He shuns in both of the columns, of his cricketing career, the batting and now commentary. Even before his retirement, he performed the commentary job pretty often for a broadcasting channel.

While one of the events even include the on-field commentary during a friendly game played in England. Recently, he is among the leading commentary panel selected for the World Cup 2019, played in rainy England. Further, Hussain makes around $865,000 from the commentary jobs every year.

11. Aakash Chopra

Chopra is a local Indian commentator who in latest is performing in the local language in the T20 league. Though a fine commentator, he has been chanted for his negative impression and biased analysis, sounding much like a targeted criticism. Further, Chopra is also picked during the international tours of the Indian cricket team. While in total he makes around $576,000.

12. Danny Morrison

Morrison is yet another enchanting commentator on our list. Wherever he goes, he adds the flavor of fun and enjoyment to the game. His commentary career is not so old, but very quickly he grasped a strong position and earned a space in almost every other broadcasting medium. Well, Morrison makes around $504,000 every year.

13. VVS Laxman

The former Indian batsman, VVS Laxman, appeared in plenty of Indian fixtures after his retirement. But he not often seen in international games. Well, in India he performs commentary in the local language and even works as a coach for a domestic team. While from his commentary career he makes around $498,000 every year.

14. Jatin Sapru

Sapru is another non-cricketing personnel on our list, who came into this profession with a journalism background. He started performing as a host in various shows in India but later earned a chance to commentate during the T20 league in the Indian language. Though not so famous, still he manages to make $252,000 every year.

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