Rise of Custom Chocolate Display Boxes. And how are they changing the Food Industry?

What are custom chocolate boxes?

Chocolate is one of the most consumed food item in the world. It is consumed in its many variants including dark, white, brown and powdered chocolate. Hot chocolate is the favorite of many people, and this fact gives evidence to its popularity across all age groups. It is also given as a gift on many events and festivals such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and Valentine’s day. It is also consumed on weddings and birthdays, by making cakes from them. Thus, the popularity of chocolate is evident all around. It is mostly found in a tropical environment such as South America. It is extracted from there and processed to form the many delicious variants.

As chocolate is so much popular, retail store owners are forced to keep the stocks full. And its popularity is so much that people buy them in droves. Thus, it is a very profitable business and one that does not seem to be going less profitable in the future.

Keeping the profitable nature of chocolate, manufacturers are now employing new techniques to increase the sale of chocolate and turn to increase the profit many times. One of the techniques employed by manufacturers is the use of custom chocolate display boxes.

Hiring a box manufacturer

As this is the age of the internet, almost each and every kind of businesses and services have established an online presence. Box manufacturers are not unaware of this fact. They have also successfully established an online presence. This was done in order to increase the volume of customers and the sales rate. This makes the procurement of boxes an easy and transparent process. Now, on a click of a button, you can order any kind of boxes in whatever amount you want. Also, box manufacturers have a number of designs of their own, from which you can choose as well. You can also send them your own designs as well, and they will surely make them for you.

chocolate display boxes

But, before you order boxes, it is prudent to know about the types of chocolate (so as to advertise them better), the types of boxes and their benefits.

Types of chocolates

Some of the types of chocolate are:

Chocolate Liquor

Despite the name, this kind of chocolate does not contain alcohol. It is the unsweetened, thick paste from which, after processing, other chocolates are made. Chocolate liquor is 100% cocoa and does contain other ingredients. This can also be made into bars and chips.

White chocolate

It is made of sugar, vanilla, cocoa butter, milk and lecithin (it is an emulsifier). It is white in color and also sweet in taste.

Milk chocolate

It is one of the most popular chocolate. It is made with chocolate liquor, sugar and milk. An emulsifier is also added to blend the components. It contains about 10 % chocolate liquor and 12% milk.

Dark chocolate

Recently, dark chocolate has seen an increase in its popularity because of the health benefits it has. It has about 15% to 50% chocolate liquor.

Bittersweet chocolate

it is also referred to as extra-dark chocolate. The rise in its popularity is due to the fact that it has over 70% chocolate liquor in it, which is beneficial for health. It has a blended taste of sweet and dark chocolate.

Cocoa Powder

When chocolate liquor is processed under high pressure then the result is cocoa powder. Cocoa powder is 100% cocoa. There are two types of cocoa powder: dutch cocoa powder and natural cocoa powder. Natural cocoa is light brown in color and has an acidic taste, whereas dutch processed cocoa powder is alkalized to neutralize acidity.

Types of custom chocolate boxes

Cutout window box

This type of box has a window style cut out. This is done in order to provide a glimpse of the product to the customer. This custom chocolate display box is made of cardboard and paperboard. These kinds of boxes are very sturdy and durable. They are made from eco-friendly materials.

Gold/Silver Foiled box

This kind of box has gold and silver foiling done on them. They are also available in gloss and matte finished versions as well. They are made of cardboard, paperboard, and virgin ITC paper. They are sturdy and durable and are made of non-toxic and bio-degradable materials. Thus, they are eco-friendly as well.

Embossing done box

Embossing is a technique through which any printed words get a particular texture which makes them look raised on the surface. This technique is used to make boxes as well. The box can be made of any material such as cardboard, paperboard, and virgin ITC paper. The material is bio-degradable, thus making the box eco-friendly.

Raised Ink box

This box is made of a glossy and transparent material which makes the writing on a box look raised. This material is also eco-friendly and does not trigger any allergic reaction whatsoever.

Benefits of using custom chocolate boxes


The main aim of using custom boxes is to advertise the product and the brand as well. This not only will increase the volume of customers but will also increase the sales rate as well.

Safety of the product

Chocolates are delicate and can break easily if sufficient packaging is not done. Thus, custom boxes provide excellent protection and prevent the chocolates from getting damaged during the transportation phase. As the boxes are made of cardboard, paperboard, and Kraft paper, the chances of damage to chocolates are low.

Eco-friendly materials

The materials used in making these boxes are non-toxic and bio-degradable. Thus, custom boxes are eco-friendly and can be recycled as well, to produce more boxes.


The materials used in making custom boxes are very affordable. Most of them are available in nature, and thus significantly reduces the cost of the manufacturing process. That is why custom boxes are affordable.


Custom chocolate display boxes have proven themselves to be huge moneymakers and are significantly affordable. Thus, mostly every bakery and eatery is now introducing custom boxes, to boost their sales.