Top 9 Tips to Reduce Weight Without Compromising Your Social Life

Reduce Weight Without Compromising

Today, in the busy lifestyles, it is easy to gain weight due to lots of reasons. One of the major reasons to gain weight or have an overweight is the stress. People have increased stress levels due to their hectic work schedules and improper diet. Moreover, due to our busy lifestyles, we do not pay attention to your food habits and timings.

Most of the times, we eat junk food and snacks, which add to our calories. Also, due to the improper food timings, most of us have the habit of snacking between meals. As a result, we tend to put on more.

However, today, people constantly struggle to lose weight in one or the way. Normally, it is a common belief that if we eat less and workout more, we lose our weight, which is true to an extent. However, to maintain your weight, you need to continuously follow your regime, which is, most of the times not possible for us due to busy schedules.

Also, people believe that to lose weight, you have to go on a diet and do exercises. But, you can effectively reduce your weight without going on a strict diet or a hard workout regime. Yes, you read that right.

Here, we shall take a look at a few of the points that will guide you to effectively lose weight without exercise and diet.

1. Slowly eat and chew thoroughly

When you eat slowly, you tend to eat less than you normally eat when you eat fast. It is because your brain needs time to process that you have had enough to eat. Moreover, when you chew thoroughly, each morsel is properly broken down and the digestion process takes place properly. It digests your food properly, which does not gather fat in the body.

Moreover, chewing your food better makes you eat slowly, which results in decreased food intake, increased fullness, and smaller portions. It is observed that fast eaters are much likely to be obese.

2. Try to use smaller plates for unhealthy foods

A few decades ago, we saw smaller plates used to serve food. Today, however, we could see big plates for serving food. Actually, using smaller plates can be very helpful in putting a check on what and how much you eat. Try to use smaller plates when you eat any unhealthy foods, as it will help you eat smaller portions.

Usually, a bigger plate makes the serving looks smaller, which will increase your tendency to add more. On the other hand, a smaller plate will make the servings look bigger and therefore, you tend to take less. You can always try this tip for a few days and see if you find any change.

3. Include plenty of protein in your diet

Proteins have powerful impacts on the appetite. They make you feel fuller and helps you eat fewer calories. As a result, your hunger will be reduced. It is because protein affects several hormones that play a role in hunger and fullness. Studies show that increasing the protein intake in the diet has helped participants eat fewer calories in a day without restricting their original diet.

If you are eating a grain-based breakfast, you can transform it into a protein-based by including eggs, chicken breasts, fish, Greek yoghurt, lentils, Quinoa, and almonds.

4. Keep unhealthy foods out of sight

It is a normal human tendency to feel hungry and crave for snacks if they have them in their sight. So, it is better to store such unhealthy stuff out of sights such as in cupboards or closets. It will surely, affect the way you will feel hungry and crave for snacks. When you have healthy foods in your sight, you will eventually, start craving for them rather than the junk food.

5. Make a habit to eat fibre-rich foods

Eating fibre-rich foods can easily make you feel fuller for a longer period. Studies show that a special kind of fibre called viscous fibre is effectively helpful in losing weight. It increases fullness and reduces food intake. Viscous fibre forms a gel when it comes in contact with water. This gel takes time to absorb nutrients and naturally, slows down the process of emptying stomach. Examples of this fibre are oat cereals, beans, sprouts, oranges, flax seeds, etc.

6. Drink plenty of water

Drinking water can help you eat less and lose weight faster, especially if you drink before meals. Studies say that for adults, drinking half a litre of water, about half an hour before meals, reduces hunger and helps them eat fewer calories. It works effectively in helping you lose weight.

7. Eat without electronic distractions

When you eat while watching your favourite show or series, it is natural that you tend to eat more. Eating while being distracted by electronic items like TV or mobile for that matter, will reduce your focus from food. If you eat without being distracted, you will be able to focus on what and how much you eat.

8. Avoid stress and sleep well

Stress is one of the major factors playing a role in gaining weight. It is better to take sufficient sleep to de-stress yourself from the work and other stuff. Stress and sleep play an important role in losing or gaining weight. Take an account of it.

9. Avoid sugary drinks

Intake of sugary or aerated drinks can also cause gaining weight. Sugar contains lots of calories. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid these drinks to lose weight and maintain it.

Losing weight may not seem easy at all, but it is not impossible if you take proper care of your diet and sleep.