5 Reasons to Choose Clear Aligners to Straighten Your Teeth

Are you dreaming of having straighter teeth but you worry about how the traditional braces would look like? You should rest assured that you aren’t alone in this case! So many adults just like you have this concern, especially because they wish to have straighter teeth, but they do not wish to lose their flexibility. Traditional braces adhere to the teeth permanently during the treatment plan, this means once the plan of treatment begins, and you cannot think of removing the brackets or metal wires before you visit your orthodontist.

Nonetheless, Invisalign stands out as unique dental appliances. These smooth, clear, acrylic aligners are easily removable, at any time. During the meal times, taking off these aligners is easy, even at night; you can simply brush your teeth. For Invisalign, it is advisable that you consult specialists who have experience of years, and certificates to show they go through orthodontic continuing education for general dentists. These courses add more flexibility to the practice of dentists and expose them to more courses.

Clear Aligners to Straighten Your Teeth

Everyone Deserves Straighter Teeth

Regardless of your age, even you deserve to have a good smile and straighter teeth. Misaligned and crooked teeth not only appear unhealthy, but they have can make it difficult for you to brush and clean your teeth. A time will come when you will eventually attract periodontal diseases because cleaning would be a major challenge for you. This can lead to bone damage, risks of gum damage and other problems will become inevitable.

If wearing traditional braces may affect your appearance and confidence, then here are some of the reasons why you should choose clear aligners for straighter teeth.

1. Wearing Clear Aligners is Comfortable

Unlike conventional braces, made of wires and brackets that can rub and poke your mouth, Invisalign or clear aligners are made of custom-fitted, smooth plastic that fits comfortably over the teeth. The process of moving your teeth with these removable aligners is less intense compared to the standard metal braces, which require frequent in-office adjustments to bands and wires. With clear aligners, you simply substitute your aligners every few weeks as they end up applying gentle pressure to move your teeth. It also helps to realign the jaw and prevents jaw pain.

2. They are Practically Invisible

If you are self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth, probably, you will feel even less confident when wearing braces that draw attention to your smile. When you visit a specialist with enough knowledge from Gerety Orthodontic Seminars, you will learn about a distinct advantage of Invisalign over other straightening teeth methods like Invisalign. Instead of wearing wires and brackets, Invisalign uses just a series of clear aligners and plastic that blends with your natural smile. Patients prefer Invisalign because it is transparent, and has retainer like appearance, which would be difficult for anyone to notice that you have invisible braces.

3. It Doesn’t Affect Eating Habits

In case you were wearing braces in the past or knew someone who wears them, they will inform you about an endless list of foods that you cannot eat and you will have to stay away from a few beverages or drinks. You have to keep in mind that it is best to stay away from gummy, sticky, or sugary food, which could be hard on the traditional braces. With Invisalign, you do not have to worry about what you cannot eat or what you can eat, since everything is still actually an option. Right before a meal, you can remove the aligners and you do not need to worry about the diet you consume.

4. Invisalign is Convenient

Keep in mind that aligners will not interfere with your life. Regardless of whether you have a school dance, or wish to work on an important presentation, you can also remove the aligners whenever you wish to, just as long as you wear them for the number of hours the dentist prescribes every day.

After meals, cleaning your teeth, brushing, and flossing are a lot easier, before you place the aligners back on your teeth.

5. The Treatment is in Your Control

You should keep in mind that while braces are effective options to straighten teeth, they do not work on complex cases. One disadvantage is that you cannot actually remove them without consulting your orthodontist first. They will guide you on how and when to remove them. However, since they are adjustable and removable, you can take control of the treatment period.

Usually, when you wear clear aligners or Invisalign, keep in mind that for the treatment to work, you will need to wear these aligners for about 20-22 hours in a day, or the given duration your orthodontist suggests. In some cases, this could also include you sleeping with the aligners at night.

Clear aligners work well as alternatives to the traditional braces, and they give the flexibility of treatment control. Of course, for further information, you can consult your orthodontist and find out whether you are a good candidate for it or not, which depends on the condition of your teeth.