Use Red Light Therapy To Have A Beautiful Skin

Red Light Therapy

Do you believe that there is a method to retrieve your skin without operation or virulent processes? The best solution to get a better-looking skin is using red light therapy to live pain-free.

Scientists have studied that red light therapy to treat the creases, psoriasis, black spots, and injury renewal because it has a positive impact on your skin cells. So, now that we have decided it would be a great idea to put a few of the key things that you want to know more.

A quick overview of red light therapy

As our skin cells might significantly retaliate to light waves, some core colors of light are also restorative our cells to repair the wounds and reproduce new cells instantly.

When the red light and the near infrared light reveal the skin, they reproduce a huge amount of collagen and elastin which are the strong construction with many blocks for your healthy skin. A younger refers more elastin and collagen.

Though lasers were launched on skin cell treatment earlier, scientists also have found that LED lights to get the same therapy which could make cell develop up to two times quickly and affect the blood circulate as well.

On the one hand, they are also the inexpensive solution for everyone to purchase and be safer for use. Thus, you enable to apply red light therapy at home, but you should ask the advice from the skin doctor beforehand.

Most of the famous stars like Jessica Alba prefer using the red light therapies than other beauty treatments because they are much kinder than Botox, lasers chemical peels as well. You do not have to wait for the skin recovering in a few days.

What is more, red light therapy could solve the issues of osteoarthritis or joint pain caused by cancer treatments and aging such as the radiation, hair loss, chemotherapy, acne, injuries or surgical cuts, wrinkles, and tissue harm.

Some of the influences which the red light therapies might perform:

  • Boost the energy level by fostering delivery of ATP from mitochondria cells;
  • Restorative DNA and RNA combinations;
  • Start off the lymphatic system which is a crucial part of the human immune system to support the waste out of the body;
  • Enlarge the blood circulation to transfer more oxygen and nutrients to the cells as well as the whole body;
    Create new capillaries which are small blood tissues;
  • Ameliorate natural building of collagen and fibroblasts which are vital parts of joint, skin and digestive system;
  • Repair and put back the soft connective tissue;
  • Increase or decrease the pain which supports the management of the natural healing abilities;
    Reduce the negative influences of oxidative stress which is related to several outcomes of aging.

The difference between the red light and the blue light therapy

Blue and red light treatments are phototherapy forms which have some comparable benefits and usage, but they perform in different approaches.

Until now, scientists have not understood the implementation platform in both of therapies yet, but they believe that LLLT devices create light waves are indistinguishable to the blue light lasers with more achievement. They could not make a heat or friction, and they do not have more monochrome.
In general, blue light is frequently got at home with the light – discharging equipment, in particular for the acne issue.

The blue light could touch the sebaceous glands in the skin and kills porphyrins that are the combinations of the bacteria and the oil glands. Similarly, the red light also pierces under the skin and might also treat the acne problem as well as other untidiness by lessen the inflammation and improve the wound.
Both of the red light and the blue one are made from the light tabletop tools that you enable to use them at home, and these devices need to be charged between 30 minutes and one hour for two times a day.

The main benefits of using red light therapy

Enlarge the immunity and minimize the side effects of the cancer treatments

Whether believing or not, the red light technology might greatly decrease a lot of negative syndromes for the cancer patients, involving pain side effects which come out the radiation and the chemotherapy, according to the research combination between the NASA and the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital.

Repair the wound healing abilities and tissues

The red light treatment will impact the skin cells straightly through renew the fibroblasts, keratinocytes, and modulation under the immune cells and the tissues.

Attack the aging influences from the hair loss and skin

The skin complexion, the skin tone, the texture feeling, the uneven skin, the signs of the fine lines and the wrinkles will be reduced and treated due to the red light technology.

On the flip side, the amount of elastic and the collagen density will be accelerated as checked by ultrasonography tests.

Reduce the joint paint and improve the musculoskeletal capabilities

For those who get a problem of arthritis or other potential symptoms could use red light therapy because it might reach the collagen creation and reproduce the cartilage.

Cut down the pressure and prevent the depression

Red light is a natural energy, and it also connects to your mood promptly. For these reasons, it might impact on your immune cells and nerves by cutting down the pressure and boosting the confidence, the inspiration, the passion, etc.Some precautions points before starting the red light treatment.

Please keep in mind that you could not let your eyes on the light directly because your visibilities might reduce, and the light would harm your eyes as well.

Then, the red light could not be instantly shined on the open – wound areas. Covering eyes and other damage positions would be the best way to protect you and others.

Moreover, you should read the instructions of Thor Laser, who is a leader of the medical red light therapy, LLT, and infrared light one.

For those who have some medical problems, you should also evade the red light like pregnant women, cancer persons, or use the immune suppressant drugs and hemorrhage.


Although red light therapy is being studied by scientists around the world to continue to discover its response, we could not negate the benefits that it comes out to us range from the medical treatment to the beautiful skin in our lifetime nowadays.