Top Reasons to Use Organic Makeup

Organic Makeup

Makeup is the most essential part of beauty for all women, all over the world. In fact, most are never too late to spend an hour for applying this necessity. Although, makeup can enhance the appearance and self esteem of one’s self, but it can also expose to health concerns.

Research claims that some of the ingredients used in beauty and personal care products are linked skin cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Fortunately, the solutions, effective alternatives also come from makeup – alternate of chemically produced products – organic makeup, skincare, and beauty products!

Let’s give you the top reasons to use organic cosmetics and stay safe, yet beautiful:

Reason #1 – Eco Friendly

The regular beauty products use petroleum-based ingredients and other chemical which can be harsh to the skin. The ingredients used undergo a process of extensive mining, which itself is already harsh. Mining of these ingredients such as aluminum not only destroy the rainforests, but are directly linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Reason #2 – Free of Harsh Chemicals

Conventional makeup does improve appearance and enhances beauty, but at the same time, the chemicals in these products sink into the skin and leave adverse affects. Most of the chemicals used in these products are downright poisonous for the endocrine system.

Reason #3 – Natural Fragrance

Most of the females shop for these beauty products with their nose than with their eyes. The sense of sight and sense of eyes can help determine the quality of almost anything. But in beauty products, the scents don’t determine the worthiness of these products. The scents are generally a mixture of chemicals, while the same chemicals are inhaled by the other people sniffing them.

These man-made aromas allow your body to be exposed a great number of toxic effects. Research links these effects to nervous system disorder, cancer, allergies, and birth defects. When buying such products, ensure yourself that the scent is derived from 100% natural ingredients. IQ Natural has essential oils that are perhaps the best organic products as perfumes. And remember that, a little can go a long way!

Reason #4 – Nutrient Rich

Your skin can naturally form a barrier, to an extent however, from the dangerous compounds applied. But it also has the ability to absorb certain compounds. Despite this, research concludes that beauty products when applied topically, can damage health. There’s a famous thumb rule to beauty products, if you can’t eat, don’t wear it! Try something as Cocoa butter, which is a leading natural moisturizer. Organic makeup, especially liquid foundation has cocoa butter and other nutrient rich oils to enhance your beauty.

Other products with extracts of grapes, white tea, apricots, and pomegranate provide unbelievable antioxidant protection and increases skin elasticity and integrity. You cannot go wrong when choosing organic beauty products.

Reason #5 – Shell to Premature Aging

Organic makeup is made of natural minerals and provides a layer of sun protection. Since the skin of face is thinner and more susceptible to UV-linked aging, therefore choosing these personal care organic products can help you support youthful, healthy looking skin. The three, most effective and common organic mineral ingredients are:

  • Titanium Oxide
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Iron Oxide

Vitamin C and many herbal extracts provide antioxidant and sun-ray protection. Use make up with such ingredients, and if possible use all makeup that is organic. You will love the results and effects.

Reason #6 – It’s Your Skin – Be Gentle

Organic makeup and beauty products are gentle to your skin. This statement covers, in fact, almost all the five reasons mentioned above. Who wants to loose on beauty and do something that can lead them towards bad results? Chemicals that are not only dangerous to both the earth and health, but also dangerous to the beautiful you – not worth anything!

How can any product beautify you, when it’s actually draining you from benefits? The chemicals in the conventional makeup and skincare products are drying your skin, making it dull, and dull in reality. You will see temporary benefits, but nothing further than that. You never would want your skin to age prematurely?

True beauty actually comes from glowing skin and health, ever seen the Japanese? Whenever it’s about your health, food and makeup, choose organic. You can at least do this for yourself and the results will become clear to you in no time. There’s nothing beautiful then a healthier you! Let your beauty comes from within, and let it start with you – with organic products and organic diet!