5 Reasons Why You Need a CCW Vest for Concealed Carry

CCW Vest

Vests are an excellent way to conceal carry and can be worn in various situations. This vest features twin concealed carry compartments that can fit most handgun sizes.

The velcro holster allows you to position your gun based on size, style, and accessibility. It can be important for people with a limited range of motion or poor hand strength who may need help with a clip or OWB holster.


Many people, especially women, prefer to carry off their bodies when hiking or working outside. A vest with plenty of pockets can carry a handgun and EDC gear like a knife, flashlight, and extra magazine(s).

A vest with a dual CCW pocket at the chest allows for a fast draw from either side. Other bags can hold self-identification materials and items needed for your everyday carry kit.

The vest is crafted from light fabric, durable, and tough enough for a long day of outdoor activities. It’s coated with a Teflon fabric protector and reinforced with bar tacking and quad-stitching at significant seams. It also includes a full range of pockets for your everyday carry gear, plus a hidden D-ring for attaching a badge or ID lanyard.


Many people choose to carry a gun for self-defense purposes. They may be police officers, security guards, or simply ordinary Americans who prefer to have the firepower to protect themselves in a dangerous situation.

If you carry a pistol in your pocket, the weapon shifts around and is more likely to print on your clothes – which can be a natural safety hazard. A concealed-carry vest solves this problem by keeping your firearm secure.

Consider wearing a CCW vest explicitly designed for concealment for even greater safety. These tend to have smooth-sided and streamlined holsters without fiddly bits that can detract from concealment. The pockets are also positioned low on the body, so your off-hand (weak hand for right-handed shooters) can easily reach your gun.


Men who carry a handgun for work, such as security guards, bodyguards, and plainclothes police officers, often wear business casual outfits. These include suit jackets that conceal behind-the-back or inside-the-waistband holsters and trousers designed to hide the handle of a concealed handgun.

A good concealment vest can be worn over these clothes, and it will keep the gun hidden while offering rapid access if necessary. The vest should fit well without restricting movement, range of motion, or pinching around the arms, and it should provide room for a base layer like a hoodie or sweatshirt.

This insulated vest is made of premium heavy-duty materials and offers a clean, professional look, with front snap closure and outside flap pockets. It has enough room for a concealed handgun, a checkbook-sized wallet, keys, sunglasses, and a couple of granola bars.


There are many ways to carry your gun, each with pros and cons. One of the most common is a paddle holster worn over the shoulder (typically angled back toward the ribcage). It is popular with law enforcement, and it’s pretty quick to draw from, but it’s also pretty obvious and quickly revealed when you unbutton or unzip your jacket.

An ideal concealment vest looks like regular clothing, can be zipped or unzipped without showing signs that you’re carrying, avoids printing, and lets you draw your weapon quickly in self-defense situations. It’s a little harder to find than a regular coat, but some great options exist. 


The right outerwear can keep you comfortable whether you’re out and about in the Fall or enduring chilly winter weather. 

Many concealment garments are designed to look like the kinds of coats worn by security guards, police detectives, and other law enforcement professionals. While they’re great for concealed carry when paired with an IWB or OWB holster, they can be stiff and uncomfortable to wear indoors for long periods.

A concealed carry vest balances comfort and functionality by providing the room you need for EDC items such as a knife, multitool, flashlight, and extra magazines while keeping your firearm safely secured in an ambidextrous holster. This combination keeps you ready for any self-defense situation, even when the range is closer than 20 feet!