How to Quit Smoking With The Help of Technology

Quit Smoking

The advancement in technology has led to a different game for quitting smoking. Mostly, ex-smokers have said that quitting was the hardest thing they ever did. Gone are the days when quitting methods were limited to nicotine patches, hypnoses or cold turkey.

Technology has changed our lives altogether. Whether it’s booking for your dream vacation or finding a simple recipe of a dish you always wanted to cook, technology has given us new ways to fulfil these tasks in a more efficient and effective way. In today’s times, there have been new developments in the modern methods of quitting alcohol or drug addiction. If you use these apps you don’t have to go any rehab treatment center.

Here are the best advancements in technology that has helped in quitting smoking:

Mobile Applications

Mobile phones have now become an integral part of everyone’s lives. Since it has taken the role of being a virtual support to its users’, mobile applications can become a handy source for people to quit drinking. Even though it can’t act as a substitute for regular treatment, mobile applications can help individuals’ access information anytime anywhere.

There are so many mobile applications that focus on quitting smoking. Some apps are a great way to start your habit to track your cravings, health and nicotine consumption. You can also analyze the statistics based on the readings and see your progress.

Most of the applications come with a money calculator to calculate the amount he/she saves after achieving sobriety. Moreover, some applications provide you the statistics of your progress.

Website blogs

Website blogs focus on a specific set of target audience to provide information. The information could either be from an individual or a business. Blogs are usually written by past-smokers or people who have been associated with smokers to provide an insight on what it takes to give up.

Reading different blogs can help individuals to gain the inspiration of giving up and not feel alone in the process. There are blogs that let readers submit their journey of giving up smoking.

Quit Smoking

Wearable technology

From the high-tech smart watches to different fit bands, the advancement of technology has improved the options for digital accessories to motivate consumers to lead a healthy life. Although you would be wondering how these accessories would help in quitting smoking, it can work wonders to make you track the changes in your body by monitoring your heart rate, or use the fitness tracker to help you stay on your target.

Electronic cigarettes

The electronic cigarette is a handheld electronic device that creates the feeling of smoking. It emits doses of vaporized nicotine which is then inhaled. The electronic cigarette which is battery-powered feels similar to smoking a regular cigarette, however without any harmful toxins.

Even though a lot of people plan to quit smoking, it becomes difficult due to the social belonging attached to it. Electronic cigarettes can be one of the easy ways to slowly give up this habit. There are different e-cigarettes available in the market ranging from beginner kits to advanced kits, which come at different prices.


Forums are a place where members are allowed to discuss specific topics with people all over the world. Unlike blogs, forums are medium to know stories or experiences of many people together.

Smoking is one just topic that has many forums where people discuss their experiences and tips and tricks to quit smoking. Usually the forums have communities made for people who want to achieve the goal of quitting smoking; however, they also allow you to reach out to people who wish to quit.

Quit Smoking

Social media

We know almost everyone who smokes want to quit, yet only a few are successful. Most of them miss out the access on the traditional cessation methods such as face-to-face or telephonic conversations. These methods may also be outdated for young people’s perspectives. This is where the importance of modern methods of communication such as social media comes to play. When a person wishes to quit smoking, would they contact their general practitioner first or would they turn to their friends and family on social media?


Laser therapy is relatively a new method for quitting smoking. Just like low-level lasers target specific acupuncture points on your body that relate to your addiction and stress, the points at your face, hands and wrist help in preventing cravings and relieving withdrawal symptoms. The treatment is similar to those who have arthritis pain. There have been reported cases of patient quitting smoking just after one session.

Even though we have listed few methods of using technology for quitting alcohol, there are a lot of different ways which works on person to person. Therefore, we suggest you try out all the methods and see for yourself which works the best for you. We understand it is the part of quitting smoking is indeed difficult; however these modern methods can help you reach your goal of a long smoke-free life.

Use these and save your money (No rehab center cost expense) and your life.