Pros and cons of buying and selling online

The modern age calls for an easier and convenient means of shopping without having to set foot in an actual mall. You can buy and sell cars in the Philippines, for example, and effortlessly arrange for a meeting to pick up the car (or even have it driven over to your location) after purchase.

Just boot up an online shopping application, or even search using Google, and in a manner of days, you have a car on its way. But is it really optional to make use of e-stores to buy and sell cars in the Philippines, most particularly? Here are pros and cons when it comes to buying and selling online:

It is always 24-hours open

Compared to purchasing merchandise in general on an actual mall where possibilities of holidays or mall hours can deter shopping freely, online stores are always accessible. Unless you need to update your application, or there are technical difficulties the e-store is experiencing, you can continue browsing (buying and selling) anytime and anywhere you choose.

Online reviews are convenient

There’s no need to doubt whether a product has a good quality beyond seeing it posted on pictures online, reviews from previous buyers are there to confirm. Online retailers should allow comments for reviews on their merchandise to create an environment of trust between retailer and customer.

Prices are usually lower

Before you come to a conclusion that the prices are lowered because they are second-hand products, be reminded that not all are used items. Should the item be pre-loved it should be noted by the seller, along with its damages/defects, and reason for selling.

There are trolls

There are victims of fake online retails where the website is made to be extremely detailed and believable, however it’s actually a scam to get your personal information and bank account. Products expected may not even be identical to what is featured online when the actual item has been delivered

There may be shipping problems

Even when we’re talking about cars, there may be an anomaly when it comes to the final process of the purchase: delivery. Delays are encountered which leads to doubt, and shipping fees might actually cost more than the product sold.

It is harder to make returns

In case you do not find the product satisfactory, or there is damage spotted on the product upon delivery, it is not easy as walking to customer service and asking for a return (or refund). There may be (online) forms which needs filling up, then there’s the process of having to wait again for the correct product’s shipping.

Key Takeaway

Online buying and selling is a fun, helpful way of purchasing what you want whenever and wherever you are. It’s accessible to anybody, and there may be rare items you do not usually find in stores. However, there is also the inevitability of scams and limitations which can be done from personally going to a mall and do shopping. It’s useful to keep in mind to be wary and smart of your purchases and sales