5 Marketing Techniques that Your Solar Company Needs!

Marketing Techniques

Companies that provide renewable energy like solar are experiencing mounting growth. Why wouldn’t it? every person looks for ways to save money and going solar not only lowers utility bills but also reduces carbon footprint. So, gradually households and even businesses are inclining towards getting solar installed.

This demand has opened the door for many solar companies to spin money and become the leaders in the industry. However, the competition in the solar business is more than you can imagine because every company has joined the race to earn huge bucks by becoming the best solar installer.

Looking at the fiercely competitive environment in the industry, it is becoming very difficult for solar companies to attract customers. To earn your target audience’s trust, you need to set yourself apart from the race. As every solar company in the market is claiming to be the best, it becomes very tough for people to decide who is better for their solar installation.

If you truly want to generate quality residential solar leads then you need to work harder on your marketing front. You are required to reach your prospective customers most effectively and magnetize them in a different way. In this post, we will discuss some of the finest marketing techniques that you should use to earn more customers and multiply your profit.

Overview- Solar Marketing

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. Without effective marketing, no company, cause, or organization can become a successful brand. It is a process of comprehending customers’ requirements, filling this very need through your offerings, and articulating a message that helps you convert them into sales.

Bonus tip: Once you successfully convert the leads into sales, you can share a few tips to get prepared for solar panel installation for the seamless completion of the project. This is because going solar is a major investment for households. To make things easier for them and yourself, we suggest you make them ready beforehand.

As a solar installer, first, understand the foundation of your solar company i.e. you and your audience.

Identify your brand well!

You cannot sell anything that you don’t know. Before jumping into creating a solar marketing campaign, find answers to the following queries. It will help you carve out the finest and most appealing solar marketing message for your audience.

  • How does your brand stand out from your competition?
  • What brand values do you possess?
  • How do you want your potential clients to perceive you?

Identify your target

For fruitful solar marketing, you need to connect with your potential customers. To do this, you need to speak your target audience’s language. How? Through detailed research, you can find out the following:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are your target audience values?
  • What concerns and problems they are facing?
  • Are they nervous or hesitant to purchase solar?
  • What are the ways you are going to address these issues and meet their requirements?

Now you know what are the two key foundations of your business. Let us quickly discuss the best marketing techniques that you should incorporate to promote solar. Each of these strategies requires a different amount of effort, time, and money investment. You can go through each to make the best decision for your solar company. Choose what suits you now while keeping your needs checked in the coming future.

1.   Organic social media

Nowadays, every single person possesses a mobile and they use it for networking, connecting with their friends, and family, looking for the best food-serving restaurant, checking movie reviews, and whatnot. All these factors make social medial channels a great platform for generating leads. You can find your target audience on this platform who are looking for solar services. However, the key is to craft purposeful and engaging material not copious.

You need to identify which platform your target audience utilizes the most. For instance, for targeting generation X (old) opting for Facebook is recommended. Whereas platforms like Instagram and Twitter appeal to young audiences. The content you post on social media should be linked to your company’s website. This is one of the best ways to create social media leads organically.

2.   Paid ads

Social media is an effective and preferred marketing channel but generating leads organically is quite tough as it requires a lot of time and patience. If you are fine to spend some money out of your pockets than just waiting for results, you can opt for paid promotions. Paid ads are seen on the news feed and sidebars of social media channels. However, make sure that your brand ad stands out from the mob. This is because people are bombarded with ads every now and then, so they tend to notice only those which are unique and attractive.

Personalizing ads is quite easy when you do it for solar. A platform like LinkedIn is best for targeting other businesses or professionals. Whereas Ads manager on Facebook allows users to easily manage the whole solar ads campaign including the budget you are fine to spend.  If you choose Twitter, you get insight into customers’ engagement, impressions, and cost per result on all your ad campaigns.

3.   Paid search ads

If you opt for paid search ads, your brand is placed in front of people who are looking for the same offerings as yours. People looking for ‘solar installers near me’ are highly targeted leads because they are ready to buy solar services. Spending money on such leads is worth it.

Google Ads offers specialized solutions for website traffic, sales, brand and product consideration, brand influence and awareness, leads, and application promotion. You can pick any campaign from a range of formats to promote your offerings. You are supposed to pay only if someone clicks on your Google ad, or site, or connects with you. If it is too much to handle yourself, you can partner with an ad agency to do this for your solar company.

Just like Google, Microsoft Advertising gives a variety of options for targeted marketing campaigns. You can target time zones, dates, locations, demographics, and other features. Opting for Microsoft advertising will lower the cost per click.

4.   Content marketing and SEO

Search engine optimization well known as SEO is the process of optimizing content for getting high-ranking results.   For example, when someone searches for ‘best solar installer near me’ or ‘solar installer in Newhaven’ if you have applied the finest SEO practices, you will be pushed to the first page of the search results. Content marketing and SEO go hand-in-hand. Content marketing is an effective tool but extremely hard to pull traffic without great investment.

Both SEO and content marketing require dedication, time, deep expertise, and of course money. If you are someone who has just started a solar business journey, you should focus on search ads, paid ads, and social media. Once you grow, you can emphasize content marketing and SEO with help of experienced staff. However, whenever you choose this path make sure that content is engaging and purposeful for your audience.

5.   Create a video of your solar company

Installing solar is a big decision for any household. Before taking this leap, they will look for the reviews and testimonials of your former clients. They will thoroughly check them and some might even contact your clients to gauge your service. Along with the testimonials and reviews, you can create and upload videos of your firm and offerings. You can show how adept your team is in installing residential solar panels. Showcase your products and their benefits.

You can use this video on your business website. Plus, you can upload this video on your Facebook account and YouTube channel. However, ensure that you optimize it for the search. Creating a video not only helps you gain customers’ trust but also stands you out from others. Of course, it is a monetary investment, but it will pay off really well in the long run.

To conclude

The solar world or becoming green is trending in the market. If you implement effective solar marketing techniques, you can generate leads and grow your business. Social media is one of the authoritative platforms that empower sales because you can find a number of people there. Not only this, almost three-quarters of people make use of social media before coming to a purchase decision.

Renewable energy is very popular across all social media platforms. From emerging technology and current regulations to sales techniques, solar is quite a famous concept in all age groups which gives abundant solar marketing prospects.

Always emphasize quality over quantity when you market your solar business because social media platforms can differentiate good content from shoddy ones. You can also adopt a mixture of paid as well as organic advertising.  If you don’t want to utilize social media then there are several ad agencies who are ready to craft a workable marketing campaign under your budget. It is up to you which path you want to take for your solar business’s betterment!