5 Best Online Digital Marketing Courses with Scope, Fees & Placements

Digital marketing is giving a new shape to traditional and modern businesses. Are you planning to learn the tricks behind Digital marketing? Digital marketing course online prepare digital marketers for every concept so they can grow their business digitally.

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Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

1. Henry Harvin 

Online Digital Marketing Courses

Henry Harvin is a leading Global Edtech corporation with operations in the United States and India. It is recognised as the best institute for digital marketing for skill enhancement and reskilling. Digital Marketing Courses online are among the best that the institute offers. Above all, it is an award-winning institute with a 7-in-1 course. The institute is also at the top, publishing names in the world’s most prestigious newspapers like the Times of India, Hindustan Times, and many more. Students benefit from the LMS portal from the digital marketing training online.


Online Digital Marketing Courses

IIDE is a leading digital marketing courses online institute that offers the best digital marketing program. It offers numerous digital marketing programmes to candidates. An MBA in Digital Marketing is a popular course. IIDE digital marketing course duration, as per the IIDE course curriculum, is 11 months. The institute also offers a four-month online digital marketing course. The digital marketing training online institute ranks first in providing the best placement assistance to candidates. Its quality instruction meets the needs of every individual and comes under the best institute for digital marketing. It also provides students with short-term certification courses in digital marketing. IIDE offers a variety of services to both tutors and students.

3. Udemy

Online Digital Marketing Courses

Udemy, with its worldwide community, offers a fantastic collection of course systems. Everyone believes that Udemy comes under the most excellent platform to offer numerous courses. Udemy offers complete Digital Marketing courses online in 20 hours. The course pricing is relatively inexpensive as it is just 699/-. College students can use Udemy to select a course based on the course period and score. Udemy is a global website that offers online courses and allows students and professionals to choose the best technique to save time. As a result, they can select digital marketing training online and begin reading based on their expertise and experience.

4. Coursera

Online Digital Marketing Courses

Coursera is one of the most significant education sites for learning about digital marketing courses online. It works with approximately 200 universities and organisations. It offers straightforward, reasonable, job-relevant online learning to individuals and organisations worldwide. They provide learning options ranging from hands-on projects and journals to job-specific certification and diploma programmes. It offers Google Digital Marketing training online and E-commerce Professional certificate programmes. The training lasts six months and is designed for beginners. The professional certificate assists students in obtaining desired professions and learning about various tools that will aid in digital marketing. Top industry specialists will lecture about portfolio creation and the practical approach to Digital Marketing.

5. Intellipaat

Online Digital Marketing Courses

Intellipaat is India’s leading provider of Digital Marketing Courses Online. Students looking for digital marketing training online enrol in this college according to the perks provided.

Scope of Digital Marketing Courses Online

The breadth of digital marketing is immense, and it is a platform best suited for promotions and branding businesses. With people of practically all ages being very active on digital interfaces, it becomes quite simple to contact many people and promote digital marketing courses online.

The best institute for digital marketing provides opportunities to learn the course and get the placement. Different job roles are available at the institute, which helps the marketer get jobs.

Fees Structure & Placement Opportunities

Many people are hesitant to pursue a profession in digital marketing at first. However, digital marketing gradually assumes industry control by replacing the traditional market. The fee structure of the Digital marketing course varies from the different institute. Some self-paced digital marketing course videos start from INR 699/-.The Digital marketing courses online start from INR 15,000 for the beginners level. Digital marketers can work in various positions by learning from online digital marketing courses. Some of them are:

1. Digital Marketing Internship

They work according to the needs of the company. They conduct online content research and create material for their website and pages.

2. Specialist in Social Media

They are in charge of managing the various consumers’ social media profiles. They employ the social media algorithm to target their audience.

3. Copywriter

A copywriter works with written content to generate sales for the company by supplying diverse website content, captions, blogs, and advertisement emails.

4. Graphic Designing

They develop visually appealing content that informs their clients. They create various pamphlets and brochures for businesses using computerized technologies.

5. SEO Specialist

An SEO specialist’s goal is to get the company’s website to the top of the search results. They undertake keyword research and provide viewers with original content.


Digital marketing courses online are one of the best platforms for students who want to learn something new. Everything is digitalised now, so people should know these skills. They can choose the best institute for digital marketing and start a new career as a digital marketer.


Q.1 What is the fee structure for digital marketing courses online?

Ans. The best institute for digital marketing charges INR 15,000 to INR 49,000/-

Q.2 Do I need any qualifications to pursue digital marketing courses online?

Ans. No, the institute or the course module of digital marketing doesn’t require any qualifications to learn the course.

Q.3 Can I learn the digital marketing courses online through mobile?

Ans. Yes, the best institute for digital marketing provides apps to browse the lectures and learn the course.

Q.4 Will I get any certifications from the digital marketing courses online?

Ans. Yes, the institute gives the certifications after completing the training and learning the course module.

Q.5 Do the digital marketing courses online have a placement support team?

Ans. Yes, every institute has a placement team which provides jobs from top companies. Marketers also get the option of learning through internship facilities. They can clear the queries through the trainer.