List of Makeup Essentials Every Girl Should Have in Their Bags

must have Makeup Essentials

It’s a girl’s very owned right to carry a bag along with her and makeup is the most prominent thing that they always demands for. Makeup every girl needs, no matter how beautiful they look but they will apply & keep girl’s makeup kit. Whether you are a college graduate, an intern or attending a wedding event, you have to get ready for. Being a girl you should carry all these make up essentials in your bag every time you visit outside. You have to be prepared for anything with these must have makeup tools. Here we are listing down the most essential makeup tools that a girl need and must have in their bags.

Foundation perfect to your complexion

Foundation gives you a flawless look even if you don’t want to wear makeup you can keep foundation in your bag. There are multiple brands in the market, which offers you a range of foundation shades for any skin type or complexion. If you aren’t comfortable with foundation then you can use moisturizer, BB and CC creams as it work well and you’ll feel even lighter.

Keep a multi shade bronzer

You can use the multi shade bronzer in different seasons whether it is summer, winter or spring. Dust the brush on the lighter and more highlighting shade during the winter season. Choose the darker bronze shade for the summer season when you want to give you the natural glow with flawless skin.


Keep a tweezers in your bag and drop the blunt tweezers in the bin which makes impossible to pull out the tiny hairs of your brows. Keep sharp tweezers that makes it easy to clean up the eyebrows and unnecessary hairs from your body.

Waterproof mascara & kajal

Keep a waterproof mascara & kajal in your bag and get ready to take a dive in pool party and watch full emotional movie with your bestie. The waterproof quality makes it long lasting. But while removing the mascara from your eyes use oil based remover because it is tough to get off the waterproof mascara & kajal.

Keep a set of makeup brushes

If you want to have good makeup then having a set of brushes is the key. Don’t rely on the tiny brushes you get with the makeup kits.

You must have a concealer, lipstick, lip gloss, blush, eye shadow palette, eyeliners, blotting sheets and more according to your skin tone. This way you will feel confident & look beautiful for all purposes & events you are involved in.