4 Things to Know Before Hiring a Bridal Makeup Artist

If you are a fan of style icons like Kim Kardashian, Huda Kattan, and Kylie Jenner, you must be a makeup enthusiast. But if you go and check out the latest makeup trends on Insta every day and you don’t know the difference between eyeliner and mascara, you should hire a makeup artist for your big day.

There’s a reason you shouldn’t go DIY, especially on your wedding day. First off, you don’t want to buy all the costly tools and cosmetics just for one day. Secondly, you should chill on your special day instead of worrying about contours, colors, makeup, etc. Pamper yourself like a queen and let the artists at the salon near Marathahalli do the rest.

A makeup artist is well trained, and they know what they do. They know which feature you should highlight. They will help you look natural and at your best.

Here’s what you should consider when hiring a bridal makeup artist –

  1. Search and ask around – Gather up your ladies and ask for the recommendations of some of the best makeup artists in town. Visit their Insta pages and check out their official sites like a millennial.
  • Choose your makeup type – Clear all your basics about HD Makeup and Airbrush makeup. HD makeup makes your skin radiant and flawless. But it is done traditionally, i.e., using sponges, palette, and brushes. On the other side, Airbrush makeup is relatively new as artists use an airbrush gun to spray makeup on your face.

If you have oily skin, airbrush makeup would be the best. The best thing is that it looks natural and feels light. It also prevents sweat as it is waterproof. On the other side, HD makeup can hide all the flaws on your skin. As the name suggests, even an HD lens cannot catch the flaws in your HD makeup.

  • Price – Don’t get confused by mainstream makeup and expensive makeup. If you hire a wedding makeup artist, she might be charging around 20k to 25k. If you go even further by hiring a celebrity makeup artist, she may charge even higher, i.e., around 28k. If you go for mainstream makeup with a freelance artist, she can offer her services for around 12-15k.

You can also check out pre-wedding and wedding packages. The prices also vary. For example, they can get you prepared for Mehndi night for a fraction of the cost of full bridal makeup. These packages also include hairstyling, nail art, and draping saree, if you ask.

  • Salon vs. Freelance makeup artist – You will have a senior/junior artist and a head artist to choose from under various ranges in a salon. On the other side, you have the freedom to hire a staff of artists to help the head artist if you go with the latter option.

If you prefer a salon, you can have a smooth experience because they already have a team who work together. You don’t have to manage individual artists who may even know each other.

Bridal Makeup Artist
Bridal Makeup Artist

On the other side, freelancers are best if you are on a tight budget. They have their makeup lights.

Note – The prices discussed above are just a rough estimate for better understanding. Actual prices may vary as per your needs, location, artists, and salon you choose.

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