Trends for Graphic Design

There are a number if graphic design trends that are expected to remain at the top this year. This year will be offering graphic designers with a vast array of options when they finally set out to decide which trends they want to adopt. Though, there are many graphic design trends that are still in huge demand, yet a few new ones have made their way through this year. We will discuss the 5 most imminent graphic design trends that are expected to remain popular this year.

1. Material Design

As one of the most important and boldest design trends, this trend focuses extensively on using material as a metaphor in which the message conveyed is a bold, graphic and intentional one by utilizing motion as a meaning.

2. Modern-Retro

This trend has been in the market for quite a while. This is because this trend offers an interesting and attractive molding of the new and old by means of adding a modern flare to the retro color themes and typefaces. The past year was a witness to this trend fast rising in popularity. This trend is likely to continue this year too as designers have still not found it to be exhausting.

3. Responsive Logos

Designed while keeping in mind the need to accommodate the ever-changing selection of formats and scales that can be made available to users, this trend has all that it takes to persist for a longer time. Even when scaled down to a mobile, it does not imply that logo will not in any way be short of its usual functionality. Being simple and malleable, these logos are ready to take on any form with each passing day. They are expected to be more relevant this year.

4. Cinemagraphs

By utilizing photographs whereby a single and small movement is made to make an impact, Cinemagraphs happen to be incredibly simple and are the perfect answer to the time problem. The essence of marketing is to grab immediate attention of users and this trend serves this purpose extremely well. Since a lot of competition is due between marketers and screen real estate, this change is expected to make it to your screens within a few months.

5. Hand Drawn Images

This trend is an attractive one whereby handmade images are added to resonate a human element in the graphic design. As of now, these images have been simple and have portrayed a childish and nostalgic look. However, they have the potential to be used in a range of situations. This is why they are increasingly becoming popular in helping explain and illustrate the complex problems. Complex instructions are too relayed through such means. This year it is likely to witness an increase in popularity amongst the customers.


Since study suggests that the attention span of customers has shortened considerably due to the induction of a more digital lifestyle, it seems imminent that the future of graphic designs is headed towards making a statement with information as quickly as possible. Trends are a great way of making this happen. However, take a close look at all the related trends before choosing one of them.