Top Signs That Your Door Needs to be Replaced

Signs to replace door

While planning for the project of home renovation or replacement, a lot of people ignore the front door. However it should be realized that door and especially the front door is a very important part of the house. In fact the door is the place where the person entering the house can guess about the interior of the house. Therefore if the exterior is not well managed then how the interior can be expected to be managed good from the person standing outside.

Apart from this, the door of a house is a very important part of the house as it provides us protection from the extreme weather and from burglars as well. That is why the front door including all other doors of the house should be of perfect shape. If proper attention is not paid to the maintenance of the front door the residents can be at a great risk with respect security and safety.

There are certain signs and symptoms which tell that the door needs to be replaced. Some important signs and places to look for the need of door replacement are as follows. If these symptoms are checked more often, your door may not be in the need of replacement but you can do its manual checking and maintenance up to limited level.

Drafts in the doors

There is something definitely wrong with the door if there is a sudden chill felt in your house. This is the major symptom showing the presence of drafts in the doors. This is the stage when you will get a clear signal of the replacement of doors. But this is not enough. The drafts appear in the doors due to a reason and it is important to know and eradicate the root cause behind these drafts. The doors get drafty because of the cracks or due to the reason that doors do not fit properly in frame. If the situation is left as such, it can result in heavy loss and expenditure.

Cracks in the door

It is stated earlier that the cracks are the main reason which also lead to other problems like drafts. Therefore crack appearing on the door is not the only problem but it can bring a lot of other headaches and problems for you as far as it regards to the maintenance of doors. As stated earlier, cracks cause drafts. In fact it can also be risk to the security of the family. If any such symptom starts appearing in your doors you need to replace the doors especially in the season of spring.

Joints producing the squeaky sounds

Normally the squeaky sounds coming from the doors are actually in the joints. This is not only an annoying feature but can also be dangers as it cuts down the life of the door. This is not only due to the weakness of the joints of doors but also due to the fact that there is something wrong going with the door. Therefore if your door is making a squeaky sound you should apply grease on the joints or hinges. But that is not a permanent solution as it can cover the sound problem only temporarily. If the situation goes unchecked, the hinges may start falling apart and this result in the huge loss.

Scraping sound coming from the door

The scraping sound normally appears when the door is opened or closed. If this happens, then a proper inspection of the door is needed. It may be due to sagging or warping in the door, therefore it is very important to check this.

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