Know the 4 mistakes that can make users hate your Website & their Solutions from the Best Web Development Company in India

The countless hours of developing and designing of the website by the best web development company in India can be proved futile if it is backed by some common mistakes. No worries, we are not making it but as leading web developers we come across many sites that have these problems.

So for this post, we are discussing some common mistakes that can make users hate your website. Also, we are discussing the solutions for it.

Don’t focus on creating sales but for delivering value

This is not rocket science that people don’t like the website where business is just bragging about its sales pitch. The pro tip is to create a promotional content which doesn’t directly imply that you’re trying to make a sale. An authentic content which is more of a conversational post will engage the audience. These are some of the tips to consider in the context of your web content:

  1. You can start with the answering the question ‘why’. What’s the little issue that needs to be addressed with your services? Why they should choose you? What difference will you make?

  2. Include narratives or go with storytelling. Anecdotes, case study are the things that readers will resonate with.
  3. Focus on mentioning the benefits rather than bragging about features.

  4. Know your audience and create a content that can engage them.

Be very considerate about photos

There is no doubt that a picture is worth a thousand words. And believe us, the correct picture will surely help the business in increasing the traffic to the website, to generate more leads and even trigger their sales. But using poor quality images will lead to the exact opposite of it. Make sure the images you use for your content should be authentic and reflect your brand and its deliverables. Also, it doesn’t have to be all fancy photos from Google; you can use some real photos as well.

Say No-No to annoying POP-Ups

Well, we all hate the pop-ups that come out of blue and block the whole screen. We as the leading web design company in India also hates it like any other user. We know that the business just wants to ease everything for the user by displaying “want a free consultation” or “subscribe to get the updates via mail”, etc but not even the best of intentions could justify how annoying it is for a visitor. To top of it, sometimes the little cross “X” to end it is not visible either. Pop-ups were primarily used to convince the audience for easy and immediate sign-up, but they easily get on nerves of many.

Mobile friendly sites with no broken links

There are proved statistics and studies that show that major segment of audience accesses the websites via their smartphones. So, undoubtedly responsive websites are one key factor that will help you in gaining better rankings on search engine.

Another thing that many users hate is broken links between the content. How do you feel when you’re reading something interesting and then upon clicking are directed to nothing? They are one biggest element that hampers you delivering the user-friendly experience.