KENT CamEye a Real-Time Location Tracker for Fleet Management

Location Tracker

Life in the current scenario feels incomplete without technology and when we talk of the corporate world paperwork style still prevails. However, with the arrival of technology, businesses can achieve new heights.

One of the advanced GPS location trackers that are hitting high on the charts is KENT CamEye. The device offers real-time location tracking features and ensures that you stay in touch with your car almost all the time. This feature is benefitting a lot of businesses across India as it not only tells about the exact location of the vehicle but also lets the business owner know about the maximum profits from their business.  Let’s see how can a device do all of this and lets the owner make a profit out of it.

Ensures Fuel-Efficiency

After installing a real-time location tracker, it helps you in tracking the vehicle and its route. It even helps you in checking the fuel efficiency and directly let’s put away engine idling and keeps you informed about the AC status. 

Keeps an Eye on Driver’s Conduct

The device has technological advancement features that quickly detect over speeding. The speed alert is sent to the fleet manager and owner’s mobile. Over-speed is one of the biggest benefactors in higher fuel consumption, giving the owners a hard time. All the notifications and alerts allow him to analyze the data on his KENT CamEye Mobile App through data analytics.

Pocket-Friendly Device

Before the installation of KENT CamEye dash cam with GPS device, fleet owners had no choice but to depend on the driver’s words for their arrival and departure logging details. But, after the installation of the device, the owners can track the device in real-time and alerts if something is not as per the plan. 

What is CamEye? 

KENT CamEye is a dashcam with vehicle tracker in India that has a dual camera to record and live video stream everything that happens inside and outside the car. It is a next-gen security device, especially if you have a fleet business and have to depend a lot on the driver. Link your device to the app and start using its intelligent features.

You can list the pictures of some of the vehicle’s regular drivers and the Face Recognition feature will alert you on the phone if an unfamiliar face is identified.  You can even enter the speed limit at which the vehicle should be driven, and if the speed limit is crossed, you will get an alert. It has 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of storage and 4G connectivity and a powerful 3000 mAh battery. KENT CamEye has features like Secured Cloud storage, 2-way calling, dual cameras, GPS tracking, Trip analysis and much more.

As we go by the current scenes, fleet owners who worry about their business need to get a KENT CamEye foe their vehicle. You can book a demo by sharing your details with us on or can call us on 011-66765030.