Best Tips to Increase Subscribers on Youtube Channel

Increase Subscribers on Youtube Channel

YouTube is one of the biggest platforms in the world that provides everyone an opportunity to showcase their skills and at the same time helps you earn money. YouTube has broken down the differences in society as it welcomes everyone under one shade. There has been a boom in the number of YouTubers in the past decade due to increased awareness among people, enhanced technology and its easy reach. But that doesn’t mean every vlogger on YouTube is doing excellent and receiving the same response. The basic motive behind uploading any content on YouTube is to reach a wide range of audiences. Most often, your videos are watched by a plethora of people, but your channel ends up being pushed down due to a few subscribers. Increasing your YouTube subscribers is definitely not a cakewalk, but it is not an impossible task either. Here are five tips that can help you increase your YouTube subscribers.

  • WRITE A CATCHY CHANNEL DESCRIPTION: While most of the YouTubers focus all their energies in making their content catchy and interesting, they lag behind here. Suppose, you are a food blogger and  after watching one of your uploaded videos, a person visits your channel to look for more information and he/she finds your channel description as “I vlog about tempting food cuisines.” The person loses all interest here and would switch to some other channel. Your channel description should be interesting, catchy and detailed as your motive is to build a permanent network. It should urge the audience to subscribe to your channel.
  • QUALITY OVER QUANTITY: One of the major problems with many YouTubers is that they flood their channel with a large number of videos, most of which end up being a dummy content. It is recommended to create well-researched and engaging content for your audience. Sometimes, YouTubers start taking their audience for granted once their channels start doing good and start uploading random, irrelevant content. This not only drives new audience away but also your old subscribers. You should attract your audience with good quality content rather than too many low-quality videos.
  • ENGAGE WITH YOUR AUDIENCE: Being involved with your viewers is one of the important aspects of keeping their interest in your content alive. After uploading every new video, you should go through the COMMENTS section and reply to your viewers. You should actively participate in the discussions on your content. You should take negative criticisms seriously and be humble in your response. 
  • VIDEO PROMOTION IN THE END SCREEN: The relationship between viewers and subscribers is quite dynamic in nature. The more the number of viewers, the higher is the chance of increasing your subscribers. Now, one video-solely cannot attract the audience, you need to compel them to watch your other videos too. Promoting your content in the end screen of a video is one of the best and successful techniques in this direction. This could stop your viewer to switch to other options and keeps them engaged which in turn elevates the possibility of them subscribing to your channel.
  • UPLOAD LONGER VIDEOS: You must be thinking of how this can be helpful in increasing your subscribers. Actually, this is quite logical. According to a study, longer videos tend to rank better in YouTube’s search results. If you upload one video, say 15 minutes long and another, of around 8 minutes; it is highly possible that the longer video will get more viewers as compared to the shorter one. And as we know the key—the more the number of viewers, the higher is the chance of your channel being subscribed.

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