Kasol Kheerganga Tosh Trek Must visit destination

Investigate the most amazing aspect Himachal Pradesh on the most astonishing trips from Kasol to Chalal, Tosh, and Kheerganga. The less-investigated, beautiful towns close to Kasol are a fantasy location for some. Situated in the tremendous Parvati Valley, these towns offer amazing perspectives on snow-covered mountains for what it’s worth. It is an ideal objective for explorers, with slippery courses and testing climbs and plummets. Otherwise called ‘Little Israel’ and ‘Amsterdam of India’, Kasol astonishes each explorer with its energetic trinket shops, Israeli bistros, and flower children visiting from everywhere around the globe. 

Kheerganga is quite possibly the most famous slope station in the Parvati Valley. Despite the fact that it is a difficult journey, it offers you otherworldly natural aquifers at the top. A plunge in the natural aquifers will recharge your body and keep you warm in the chilly climate. Go into daze when you visit Chalal’s hallucinogenic gatherings somewhere down in the forested areas and unwind by the stream, watching the spouting water. Tosh Valley journey also offers an astonishing encounter, taking you along staggering perspectives on the environmental factors. This journey takes you through a definitive set of three in the Himalayas. To start with, the journey initiates from Kasol, taking you on a 10 km long Kheerganga journey through Barshaini which is a pleasant village close to Kasol. And afterward from Kheerganga proceed onward to the following experience to tosh valley. 

Kheerganga is a sacred spot with a high temp water spring. There is a sanctuary devoted to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. As indicated by legend, Kartikeya the more youthful child of Lord Shiva and Parvati reflected for a very long time at Kheerganga making it a significant strict spot for Hindus. The journey is exceptionally lovely and offers some astounding perspectives. In the wake of climbing the Kheer Ganga, a fast shower in the natural aquifer loosens up the psyche and body. 

The perspective on the dusk separated from traveling across KheerGanga backwoods is a mind boggling experience. The glorious perspectives on Kheerganga will leave you spell-limited. Outdoors at the highest point is something that you won’t ever fail to remember. The highest point of the trip offers enchantment with the crisp breezes, natural air, peaceful environmental factors, rich greenery, and snow-covered mountains. 


Day 1: Kasol – Chalal 

Observe the immaculate magnificence of the strong mountains and tall trees on a foggy morning in Kasol. Get to the campground and unwind by the riverside as you have your morning meal. Start your Kasol to Chalal Trek and in transit, investigate the Hebrew bistros and energetic gift shops of Kasol. Following a two-hour walk, you will arrive at the delightful town of Chalal, arranged in the conifer thick woods. Appreciate a sensation of daze and restore your spirit as you sit alongside the spouting River Parvati. Take in the excellence of nature and go gaga for the pleasant area, which resembles a delightful composition wake up! Stroll back to the campground at night and spruce up for supper. Dance the night away as the huge fire illuminates the spot, and appreciate a magnificent supper. 

Day 2: Kasol – Tosh 

Make you fully aware of a lovely dawn and feel the outside air around you. At that point gear up for a gutsy Tosh Valley Trek in Tosh that stands tall at 7,874 feet! Supported in the Parvati Hydel Project, in the midst of the cloudy mountains, Tosh offers a stand-out journeying experience. This little villa is accepted to be honored by Lord Shiva and the nearby minister even cases to have seen the master, with Parvati during snowfall. Drive for about an hour from Kasol to Tosh and get going with an energizing trip to the Tosh Valley. On your way up, appreciate the grand perspectives all through as you climb and drop the steady inclines. Go through your night at the wonderful cascade, loosening up and savoring the endowment of nature. Have some good times occupied time and simultaneously, guarantee to keep the spot clean. 

Day 3: Tosh – Kheerganga 

On day three, set yourself up for a dreamlike involvement in a journey to Kheerganga. Head for a 15 km trip to Kheerganga and locate your first stop at a bistro, which you will reach after around 7 km. Your half fight is won here! Moreover, after around 3 to 5 km, comes another famous bistro. On the off chance that you are considering surrendering now, don’t do so in light of the fact that simply somewhat more exertion and you will be at the top. The grand sight of the enchanted underground aquifers of Kheerganga at the top is absolutely worth the torment! Take a dunk in the pool for a couple of moments and wind up inclining revived due to the sulfur exhaust. There may likewise be hints of Dholak and gatherings singing to the beats of Shiva Nataraj (Lord Shiva) music. Later around evening time, appreciate a superb huge fire and re-fuel yourself with a flavorful supper. At long last, close your eyes under the cover of stars and have a quiet rest. 

Day 4: Kheerganga – Kasol 

Have a casual daytime viewing the multi-tinted dawn and laze around under the tall pine trees. Fill your spirit with the natural air and unadulterated daylight. Afterward, head back to Kasol and set yourself up to give up a piece of your spirit! 

Things To Carry 

  • Comfortable garments, coats, parkas, wool coats and thermals 
  • Hand gloves, traveling shafts, journeying shoes and additional pair of socks 
  • Water bottles, energy bars and caffeinated drinks 
  • Covers/caps, shades and towels 
  • Individual toiletries and drugs (assuming any) 
  • Rucksack with waterproof linings 
  • Legitimate ID Proof