Increasing Importance Of Messaging Apps

Aussies love to chat! And this is very well proven through the fact that almost half of all Australians aged under 25 nominated messaging apps as their chief communications source.

WHOA! That’s a huge number, and leaving no question behind that the number of messaging app users in Australia is continuing to climb.

Messaging apps might sound somewhat conventional and not so creative. But you don’t know the worth of this. The very age-old method of sending SMS, where you were charged by the telecom operator was not a convenient option. 

However, this hurdle was crossed over with the help of technology and efficient app developers, which enabled the users to pick these apps as a method to carry out the one-on-one communication bridge. 

With these apps, people gained the benefits not just for their personal space, but also for their brands, which could connect with customers through the means of technology.

With this post, we have tried to compile some facts about why messaging apps are gaining swift popularity and the future of these apps. Let’s read ahead to understand how these apps are being used and are creating a stir in the market with their unique features and functionalities.…

Importance Of Messaging Apps

Here are some of the top messaging apps worth checking out in Australia

  • Snapchat 
  • Discord 
  • Houseparty
  • Squad 
  • Telegram 
  • Wickr 
  • GroupMe
  • WeChat 
  • LINE 
  • Kik 
  • BAND

Are messaging apps really that popular?

Well, TBH the simple SMS messaging is so passé, and it is beautifully invaded by the number of chat apps, that are already providing a connection medium to the users, where they can chat, share and call even with their loved ones.

Let’s grab a closer look at the reasons why messaging apps are gaining significance in Australia?

1. Connect as per ease

It has been reported that an average Australian checks their phone for more than 35 times a day. This creates an opportunity for them to meet their work or personal contacts as per their convenience on the virtual model. They use the chat messaging apps for sharing updates, sending invoices, or any other information that needs them to connect with other people can easily be done with the chat messaging app.

2. Expedites customer response times

It is very hard to keep track of the email to check the response. And this hurdle can be experienced at the personal and professional level both. There are chances that customers would miss the mail or are not checking the mailbox frequently. This is where chat messaging apps help Australians to run their business operations, and they can easily get a response from the chats. 

It enables them to build a direct communication channel with their customers and clients and receive the information and reduce the time in receiving.

3. Personalized approach

To run a business efficiently, there are many factors to be considered, and one of the most prominent ones is building a relationship with your clients. Every business has something unique to offer, but to convey this message to the customers, the integration of messaging apps is worthy to be considered. You can send the promotions, offers, reminders, or any important update or any festive message to stay connected with your customers.

Future of messaging apps in Australia

The concept of messaging apps is not something unique, but the way it has been embraced in the Australian market is incredibly remarkable. It helps businesses and individuals to be nimble, flexible, and go the extra mile to foster relationship building. Also, helps in adapting the customers’ preferences and serve top-notch customer service.

Now, the digitalization has led every business and industry to pick the creative ways to connect with their customers, and this is where messaging apps come forward and ease down the road.

Further, amid the COVID-19 chaos, this method is gaining more attention and recognition, leading to a much greater sense of familiarity and personalized feel with clients and customers. This further helps in driving customer loyalty to a great extent.

In a nutshell

Messaging apps are becoming extremely popular in Australia due to multiple factors, that are mentioned above. In this run to make a difference in their business model, many businesses are embracing innovative ways to utilize instant messaging in their communications. Indeed, with the messaging apps, companies and brands are finding a great opportunity to offer greater convenience to customers. Therefore, the advantages of mobile apps for business can help you  achieve better business results in the process.

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