How to Repair the Cracked Screen of a Samsung Phone

Samsung makes some of the best smartphones in the world. Many people are fond of using Samsung phones and repeatedly upgrade to the company’s latest models.  Samsung’s latest phones come with super Amoled LED screens that are stronger than ever against falls and breakages.

However, no technology can offer you 100 percent screen protection. If the impact is high, the screens can break, and you need to replace it from a smartphone repair facility. One cannot use a phone with a cracked screen.


If the crack is minor, you can continue to use the phone, but if the cracked area is large, it is not possible to repair the screen. You need to get it replaced from a phone repair service. There are many ways to replace the cracked screen of a Samsung phone.

Getting the screen replaced by Samsung

Every phone manufacturer has service centers across the countries where they sell their phone. Samsung has services centers across the locations where they sell their cell phones. All the Samsung phone users can get their phone repaired at their service centers.


Now getting the screen replaced at a Samsung service center has some advantages and disadvantages. The best benefit of getting it replaced by a Samsung service center is that you get a genuine display and there is no change in the warranty of your device.

However, there are some disadvantages as the screen replacement would be expensive than the replacement at local repair facilities. Also, you might be asked to wait for a week or more for the replacement of your screen.

Some service centers replace your display at the same facility, while some may send your device to another location or a factory for the replacement. If they send your phone to the factory, it may take a few weeks for the replacement of the screen and getting your phone back. You cannot use your phone until you get it back from the company.

Getting it replaced by third party repair facilities

Most towns and cities have phone repair shops that offer the replacement of displays and screens. However, before visiting a local repair facility, you need to do some research to find out the best one for your phone. There are three types of third party repair facilities that offer phone repair services.

•    Brick and mortar repair shops

•    Shopping mall kiosks

•    Mail-in services

The brick and mortar repair facilities like Samsung screen repairs Darwin may replace your screen within a day or a few hours depending on the rush. Most of the shopping mall kiosks also have a quick turnaround time, and they repair your phone within a day or two.

However, the mail in services can take a few weeks to replace the screen of your Samsung phone. The price of replacement of the screen depends on the make and model of your phone. The primary benefit of getting your phone repaired form a brick and mortar shop or shopping mall kiosk is their fast turnaround time.

A mail-in service can be cheaper or expensive than the repair cost at Samsung service center. It is best to compare the charges and turnaround time of different repair facilities before leaving your phone at any of them.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Screen Replacement


Replacing the display of your Samsung phone is not difficult. To save your time and money, you can replace it yourself at home.  All you need is to buy some phone repair tools or a Samsung screen replacement kit. 

A screen-replacement kit contains suction cup and pry tools to help you replace the display of your phone.  However, you should have some knowledge of using a replacement kit before replacing your screen. 

It is best to watch read some tutorials and watch some videos on screen replacement for the make and model of your phone.  Once you get to know how to do it, you can easily replace the screen by following the step by step process.

1.    Turn off your Samsung phone.

2.    Remove the back cover.

3.    Remove all screws on the back side that keeps the body attached to the motherboard.

4.    Carefully take out the motherboard and set it aside.

5.    Apply some heat to the screen to soften the glue, holding the LCD screen in place.

6.    Pry up the screen with a sharp knife or blade to make some space for a plastic card between the LCD and phone body.

7.    Run a plastic card steadily between the display and case until it comes out of the case.

8.    You need to take care of the home button flex, and navigation flex under the display as they are delicate and a single mistake can tear them easily.

9.    Clean out the housing and frame of the display to ensure that there no glass or debris left behind.

10.  Carefully place the new screen in its place.

NOTE: A new LCD screen is highly delicate, and excessive pressure can break the screen.

After the installation of the new display on your phone you need to follow the above steps in reverse order these instructions, and your S7 will have a new screen!

Final Words

However, you should replace the screen of your Samsung phone only if you are confident enough to do the same.  Otherwise, you can mess it up and damage your phone further adding to the cost of repair. You can take the help of a friend who has some knowledge of screen replacement. If you are not confident enough to repair your phone, it is better to get it done by a professional.  You can take your phone to a repair facility like Samsung screen repairs Darwin or call a professional at home to replace the screen