Advantages of Hiring Professional Painters to Paint a House

Homeowners need to get their homes painted after a few years. The old paint gets worn within three to four years, and people need to repaint to maintain the appeal of their homes.

Many people hire painters to paint their house. However, some homeowners prefer painting their homes themselves to save money.

However, there is a difference between a DIY project and professional paint work. Hiring professional painters offer you many advantages like high quality, warranty, and saves time.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to hire professionals to paint a house. Read this post to know more benefits of hiring professional painters to paint a house.

Knowledge and Experience


Painting a house needs the knowledge of many tasks like prep work, using the right tools, using high quality of paint, and different painting techniques in different settings.

Homeowners don’t know all such things and painting themselves cannot match the professional quality. The painters Annandale knows about all the ins and outs of prep work, high-quality paints, and use the latest tools to deliver professional quality.


Professional painters have the right skills and years of experience in painting residential properties which enables them to deliver professional quality. Homeowners, on the other hand, lack the skills and experiences that lead to a low quality of paint job that is not the result you are looking for. Experience is the first thing that homeowners should consider while looking for a painting service for their homes.

Prep work

People who want to paint their home themselves don’t know about the prep work more than merely washing and scraping the walls. However, prep work has many other tasks to do like covering the holes and gaps, priming the surfaces, and smoothening the uneven areas to make the paint easy and smooth.

If the prep work is done correctly, it makes the base of a paint that can last for years without the need for repainting.

Tools and equipment


Homeowners use simple brushes and rollers to paint the walls as well as other frames like window frames and doors. However, there are special tools for every surface. Professional painters Annandale use the right tools like brushes, rollers, and sprayers to paint every surface with perfection.

Moreover, they have proper ladders and long handles to paint the ceilings and tops of walls and windows with safety.

Saves time

Most people work in a job or business and cannot find time on the weekdays to paint their house. They need to take off from work or perform the paint job only on weekends, which can make the DIY project longer.

The professional painters are experts having years of experience in the painting, which enables them to complete the project on time. If you work on weekends, you may need two months to paint a house single story house with 4 to 5 rooms.

 Even if you take off from work, you need 12 to 15 days to paint your house while the professionals can do it within a week.

Insured Services

Painting in property involves plenty of risks. Painters can fall from ladders, and there is also the risk of inhaling harmful chemicals that they mix in the paints to make them stick better and last longer.

These risks make the property owners liable to compensation in case of an accident or harm to the painters. However, the professional services are insured, and any harm to painters is covered under the insurance policy.


People who choose to paint their homes themselves take a high risk. There is a risk of falling from a height while painting and getting harmed by the tools. People are more prone to the risk of falls and injuries as they have no experience in painting homes. However, the professionals have the right skills and knowledge, which reduces their risk of falls or accidents while painting.

Longevity of paint


When people paint their homes themselves, they make a variety of mistakes that makes the paint wear soon. Therefore, they need to repaint their homes sooner than expected, which increase the cost of repainting.

However, the paint done by professionals lasts longer than expected, and homeowners don’t need to repaint sooner than four to five years.

Saves money

When people paint themselves, they need to purchase tools that they won’t use for years until they need to repaint. On the other hand, when they get it done by professionals, the paint lasts longer, and they don’t need to repaint before four years. It saves the money to repaint and also enhance the value of their property.

Warranty of work

Not all but some house painting services offer a guarantee of their work. If the paint gets worn within the warranty, they can repaint the worn surfaces free or for a small charge. However, companies offering warranty of their work deliver high-quality work that lasts longer. You don’t face issues such a worn paint or fading of colors.

Final WordsThese are the advantages of hiring professional painters to paint your house. Professionals take care of the safety of your property and also enhance its value by delivering high quality of paintwork. They save your money as you don’t need to repaint sooner.  Moreover, they save your time in today’s busy lifestyle so that you can focus on your job or business and take care of your family