How to Negotiate for Lower Rent?

Honestly, the landlord wants you to believe there’s no room to negotiate the apartment lease. But actually, there is. Here’s how you do it.

Are you willing to move into a new apartment for rent in Bur Dubai? Most probably, the money has been on your mind a lot lately. There are some great ways that’ll save you quite much of the rent like moving into a cheaper area and even sharing the cost with housemates. But most of the tenants don’t want to save the cost of rent simply by asking for a better deal.

For obvious reasons, the rent is an ongoing expense; your bank is inevitably going to be thankful for making shaving a bit off this cost. If you say you can’t negotiate, trust me you are not alone. But just asking, you can get more incentives. Here’re a few tips that’ll help you convince your landlord for the lower rent. So let’s dive in;

Make a Reasonable Offer

In room for rent in Bur Dubai, all cases aren’t the same. In competitive markets where the available units are often outnumbered by the prospective tenants, it won’t be possible to negotiate the rent. Mostly, the landlord moves on to the next prospective tenant until and unless he stumbles upon the one who can pay what he wants to charge. In the hottest markets, there are also bidding wars over highly desirable units, and leases normally exceed the asking price.

But in case there’re many available units in the complex you want to rent out and especially those vacant for over 3-months, just ask the landlord to take a reasonable percent off the asking price. That specific amount of percentage won’t be vague but fair and based on your research. What’s the successful negotiation? It’s when both sides get winning feel, and you need to take care of this part while negotiating the property.

Negotiation is more than Just about the Rent

Apart from the monthly rent, there are other points in the lease that you can try and take benefits from. The chances are that the landlord may be quite strict with the rental amount, but the appliance might be due for an upgrade. Most probably, you get a new microwave out of the conversation. Besides, you may even ask them to waive the additional fees to use other amenities like a gym, etc.

Moreover, you can also ask for an upgrade of the parking lot. Experts mentioned that you have more power to negotiate for the less desirable units if the building has more than one vacancy. There could be many undesirable units like the one that’s on the lower floor or perhaps that one having a less convenient layout.

Hot Deals in Cold Weather

When the weather gets frosty, people would rather want to wrap in the blanket than go out for apartment hunting. Even if they need it, a very few will go out to look for an apartment. Now this situation puts you in the driver’s seat so that you can make the negotiating the clauses of the lease a bit easier. Apart from the weather situation, nobody would want to pack up and roam around looking for an apartment during the winter holiday.

Perhaps that’s the reason why many units that are empty on Thanksgiving are also empty on the New Year. Due to which, most of the landlords have to lower the price if the property is vacant for 3-months.

Moreover, looking for a rental apartment in an offseason and extending a lease, so it ends in the next summer is a lucrative option. Most of the landlords perceive that an ideal lease end date is 30th April – 31st May. Therefore, the landlord will see an upside and even waive a percent off the rent if you can extend the lease into May. Most importantly, make sure you start negotiating a few months before the lease is up for renewal.