How to Get Car Insurance Online in Dubai City

If you own and/or drive your car in Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi, it is essential for you to get a car insurance policy. However, the question that comes to our mind is how to get car insurance online. For this, we should say that one can easily buy suitable car insurance by following a few of the simple and easy steps while providing the necessary details to get the best deals.

Quick and Easy Steps to Buy Your Car Insurance Online

Car Insurance

If you are searching for how to get car insurance online over the internet, your search will end here, as you have to follow three simple and easy steps, which are-

1.Complete Your Insurance Form Online 

You have to share details about you and your car or SUV to us by filling an online form. Once you do this, online insurance providers will search and recommend you the best deals and corresponding rates available in the market.

2. Selection of the Best Insurance Policy 

Good companies help you with comparing and saving a specific quote easily, which works to benefit you. Also, insurance companies in Dubai and other areas guarantee that the price or premium you have to pay for the insurance does not contain any additional or hidden costs. 

3. Make the Required Payment 

There are reputed insurance companies and individual insurance providers offer you secured and instant payment of premium online with the help of debit or credit cards. Also, you may choose to make payment by using your phone, as it is also a 100percent secured option. 

Information to Provide to Get the Best Deals 

Other than the query on how to get car insurance online, many car owners also ask about the information, which they have to provide to achieve the best deals. Accordingly, you have to share a few of the basic details about you i.e. the car driver and your car, so that companies may generate personalized car insurance quotes.

  • Personal Details 

Under the personal details, you have to provide your name, contact details, date of birth, nationality and native country of your first driving license. Besides, the number of years, for which you have obtained the driver’s license and the number of years, you have driven your vehicle without making any insurance claim. Simultaneously, depending on the insurance provider you choose, professionals may ask you to declare whether you use your car or SUV for only private use, fulfill the necessary GCC specifications and do not import it from overseas. 

  • Details of Your Car 

Insurance providers may ask you to share the details about the year of manufacture of your car, its first registration, place of your car’s registration, make and model, along with the value of your car. The insurer may also give you details about the estimated value of your vehicle according to your provided details. However, you get the option for changing the respective value until and unless it remains within the preset range by your insurance provider. 

Types of Car Insurance Offered by Insurance Provider 

The comprehensive type of Car Insurance Policy 

The comprehensive type of car insurance policy has a wide coverage. Accordingly, it protects your car or other similar types of vehicles from suffering damages due to theft or fire. Simultaneously, it pays out to third parties in case you involve in a road accident. Also, a comprehensive car insurance policy will payout in case your car suffers damage because of a crash or bump.

Third-party type of Car Insurance Policy

As a basic type of insurance policy, the third-party insurance policy covers various damages caused to your vehicle from another party. Indeed, the price of the premium will be low for low coverage.