How to find business guest post sites

There are literally hundreds of business guest post write-ups online where you can submit your article and have it published on hundreds of sites for free.

Here is a list of the top 15 sites where you can post a free advertisement written by yourself or by posting a paid advertisement:

1. AdSense Forum

2. Google AdSense

3. Hotmail

4. online! milk

5. lendhere

6. sendermail

7. shinyware

8. yp

9. botPress

10. moveable type

11. con promotions

12. job revues

13. EzineArticles

14. digg

15. Squidoo

There are literally hundreds more web-based services that you can use to post your advertisement on for free, but there are only a handful of sites that I will go and create an account for you on. These sites only accept advertising for one-off-sites, and most of them are no longer active. However, you can always create those accounts and post your articles on them and use them for free. You can also get an idea of the number of users who visit these sites just by visiting Google and typing site: and you will get a count of how many users are visiting the sites.

Sites that will host your content

Sometimes these sites will host the content and allow you a lot of control over the advertisement, you can also publicize your own pages for free.  However, if you are interested in using your name and your link for advertising then you’ll have to pay for it.  For a 5000 word article, that’s a little like $7.50 for 5000 words, or about $0.75 for every 1000 words.  It’s a good investment for the exposure you will get.

Next we are going to talk about the more in-depth approach.  The problem that many people have is that they are not fully aware of the kind of research that needs to be done simply to get a good article published and that’s why so many get ripped off.  First let me explain the ins and outs of a good article.  If you want to get the kind of exposure that this article makes available to you, you must do two things. 

First, you must send it to somebody of the order of readability and topicality – someone who has a similar interest to yours or a subject connected to your own.  If you can do this, then you have a good chance of being taken to the front of the queue.  If that someone is not interested, then you can back off – don’t knock so much traffic that already exists because it would duplicate their work.

Importance of backlink to your site

Second, you must include a link to your web site.  If your article is good enough, somebody will send it to one of the many article directories, which in turn will create additional back links.  At the same time, if anybody uses your article for content on their own site, they must include a link to you.  The more links your site has out there, the better – it boosts your sites popularity.  There are many automated ways to get these kinds of back links and it’s something that you can look into at your own pace. 

But for now you can just do these two things:

1)  Write an article about your subject

2)  Include a link to your web site in the resource box

By the time you are done writing your article, contest and post your chances are that good SEO optimization is done.  You can post your articles on five site – all for free – and with a link pointing to your site.  An article of 500 words, has HTML tags, which together help your article to get ranking.


So, there you have it.  Let your links do the work for you.  Be aggressive, too.  Find one or two article directories, ezine publishers, blogs and other websites that allow do-follow traffic.  You can try to create your own back-link to your site – create as many as you can.

Remember to ping your back-links whenever you create them.  This will let the search engines know that you have created a new link and they will eventually follow it to your site.

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