Best Tools To Track Traffic of Your Website

Best Tools To Track Traffic

Just making a website is not enough to ensure that your business will generate enough revenues. Even though you are selling a great product or service, you cannot generate genuine leads without relevant traffic. Of course, you should have a user-friendly website, so people spend some time exploring it. However, most of the time, people visit the website and after a few minutes goes away. Your website has high traffic, but leads are a few.

There is no point of high traffic to your website if they are not placing an order. The traffic must be converted to generate revenues. It is crucial to track traffic to your website. It means you should track every move of your visitors:

  • Which page they visit most
  • Where they spend the most time
  • What drives them to land a particular page or take action

This will help you better understand the behaviour of your customers. You will know if they are interested in your products and services or are not a part of your target audience. You cannot customise your marketing if you do not understand what your customers want, how they feel, and the like. You need to collect customer data to make the right marketing strategy. Here are some tools that you can use to analyse the traffic to your website.


Some web hosting companies provide this tool in-built. However, you can download it yourself if you are setting up your server. It works better than other analytical tools because it can offer you advanced web statistics information.

The tool can analyse a lot of log formats including but not limited to CLF, IIS, and NCSA. The tool can help you access all log details, for instance:

  • Number of total visits and the number of new visitors
  • Authentic users
  • The duration of visits
  • Last time when the visit was made
  • Most viewed web pages
  • Keywords browsed to land your website
  • Visitors used direct URL to visit your website
  • Demographic details of visitors
  • Number of times your web pages added to the bookmark

It can provide you will all details that you need to understand the behaviour of your target audience.

Crazy Egg

The crazy egg is not a very old tool, but it has helped various companies, including eCommerce stores, reach their website goals faster. It can offer you various optimisation services, including increased sales, subscriptions and page views. The crazy egg can help you in the following ways:

  • It can let you know how your emails are converting prospects.
  • You can know how ad-campaign visitors are responding.
  • You can get to know how your content is playing the role to convert visitors.
  • You can identify things that frustrate your potential prospects when exploring your website.
  • You will get real-time information on how visitors are interacting with your products and services.


It is the best tool to understand your visitors. It comes in tow pricing models: basic that analyses 500 page views and premium that analyses 100,000 page views. You can see the entire journey of your visitors where they go, where they spend maximum time and the like.

With StatCounter, you can quickly detect any problems that your users can experience while exploring the site. Here are the features this tool provides:

  • You can spot negative trends so you can rectify the issue as immediately as possible.
  • You can know how much traffic is coming from paid sources and how much traffic is organic.
  • It can show the graph of return on investment – leads generated against paid sources.
  • You can be notified when somebody visits your website the second time, so you take the necessary steps to avoid losing it.

VWO Insights

As the name suggests, this tool will let you have an insight into user experience problems so you can rectify them in time. While other tools will help you collect data from the number of visits to the number of new users, this tool will help you know why your visitors left you, for instance, why the user did not fill in the application form. The tool can let you know where you lack to convert your prospects into clients.

To improve your business performance, you need to know what your users feel and think about your brand. Tools, as mentioned above, can help you track everything about your business. If you do not have enough money in your savings to buy such tools, you can take out no credit check loans. These tools will undoubtedly help you improve the performance of your business.