Does your laptop stay in top condition? No, do you face frequent problems associated with the laptop? Then, this article is for you. Today laptops have become an essential device for every working professional. Without these devices, it is highly impossible to do daily tasks with ease. In the same way, the laptop should always remain in top condition. Or else, you can face challenges such as low performance, files not opening, low download speed, and many more.  A similar situation would be highly frustrating if the laptop gives a low performance. Then you will not be able to complete the deadline given by the office if you are working from home. This can be the result of many problems within the system, but some can be solved by the DIY method. But few require a professional to fix the issue. In this article, we focus on how to ensure that the laptop stays in top condition.

Some of the common ways to check whether the laptop stays in top condition is discussed below.


When you browse through the internet in your laptop, a large number of temporary files get stored in the hard drive. Higher the temporary files stored in the laptop slower will be the device. Deleting unwanted temporary files will definitely have benefits. You can try with disk clean up option which is present in the system. Try this method to eliminate unwanted files from the computer. But it is highly impossible to delete the entire files present in the hard drive. This issue can be solved with some computer experts.  They will try to remove the unwanted temporary files which take a lot of space manually. Or try to use the run application which is present in the start menu by using commands such as temp pre-fetch and type enter. This will lead to another page where the unwanted temporary files can be easily removed. Sometimes, in this method, also some files may not be deleted, so try the skip option for these kinds of files. Deleting the temporary files will make a laptop stay in top condition.


It is very much essential to have at least 100 to 200 GB of free space in the hard disk. The reason, applications will run in a smooth manner without any problem. Sometimes large applications can even require more space to run. It is better to clear the storage by deleting unwanted documents, photos etc. Some websites might even require some cookies and temporary files and cookies to operate. This might be even occupying the space on the hard disk. So, try clearing these files.

Kindly check your work requirement. Do you work on large applications such as graphics and videos? Then it is essential that you keep a large amount of space ready in a laptop. This is one among the many best methods on how to ensure that your laptop stays in top condition.


These are the most common problems.  The malware, or shall we say, unwanted guests can even delete the files and corrupt the hard disk. The worst, it can make you lose important data. There are many types of malware like spyware, viruses, Trojan, adware and many more. Every user tries to protect the computer with the antivirus software. But new viruses keep on coming day-by-day. It is very much essential to keep the antivirus software updated. This can even cause a threat to personal security such as identity theft. Viruses can steal the passwords, PIN number and you can end up losing money via the internet. So try to install the spyware software and keep yourself protected. You can eliminate the malware present in the system. If attacked, your system eliminates future attacks by using the software.


Did you install the latest update of windows? Please check for updates and ensure that the latest version stays in your laptop. Updated windows will bring you a lot of additional and security features. For example, in Windows 10, you have Defender feature as a part of the application. So enjoy the new features and keep the device protected. If the system is not updated then the laptop will definitely lag, when the advanced features are used. Try to keep a backup when you are updating the windows. Sometimes files may get crashed and important information can be lost.

      5. Download & Install All The Required Drivers

If one essential driver is missing from the laptop, then it will definitely ruin your working experience. It will be very disturbing to download and install the driver only in times of an emergency. It is better to have all the necessary drivers for the smooth functioning of the laptop

so that you can complete the work without any delay. Try to keep the drivers updated so that you can never miss out any new features.

It is very much essential to keep the laptop updated and maintenance service is essential. Keep scheduling the virus scans, so that you are protected from malware. Keep removing the unwanted temp files and delete the unwanted memory storage so that free space will be present in the hard disk. This enables better functioning of the laptop without any issues. Now, do you know the answer to the question of how to ensure that your laptop stays in top condition?

6. AntiVirus/AntiSpyware

Know what your work needs. Does it include browsing on the internet and downloading files? Then have a proper antivirus/antispyware installed in the laptop. The reason, you may, without your knowledge, click a virus application. The malware will run in the background, taking a major chunk of the laptop performance. Also, ensure that you do not have two antivirus applications on the same laptop. One virus application will get confused, and both will start attacking each other. The result – low performance. Go for the best antivirus software – paid version.


Agreed, computer experts stress many methods on how to ensure that your laptop stays in top condition? Maintenance is a factor, which many stress on. The reason, the minor issues get fixed before they turn into complex problems. There are also other factors, such as dust settling in the fan,  and heating problems. So, it is better to opt for computer maintenance. Let us imagine, you are in Hyderabad and the laptop needs service. So, where will you search for the best laptop repair technician in Hyderabad? It is easy. Just check for the best home maintenance company near your locality. Download the app and search for computer repair experts in their services. If they have, place a request and schedule the repair time. You can easily solve the problem by this method, and ensure that the laptop stays in top condition.