How to choose the best Digital Piano of 2021

Many customers, when they come to our stores, ask us which is the best Digital Piano on the market. For our part, we always look for the instrument that best suits the client’s needs.

When we talk to customers and discuss the wide range of models, series and prices, doubts begin, either because of the models, or because of the price or because of the student’s future unknowns.

Will such an investment be worth it? Will I get bored after two years?

If they all seem the same, is there so much difference?

Therefore, faced with these questions, we are presented with several questions. Will this be the best digital piano for you? Is it the best Digital Piano on the market? Will it meet your needs? Your budget? Your expectations? Faced with these unknowns it is always better to speak with our Piano specialist so that he can advise you on the Piano that best suits what you need.

In a this way to know which is the best digital piano of 2021, we thought about doing a scan of our sales so far in 2021, thinking that we would thus get the best and best-selling piano statistically. We were pleasantly surprised because we were able to compare more than 500 models of digital pianos sold.

At this point we realized that the comparison was not so easy, since depending on the budget, the best-selling pianos were the lowest value and the mid-range or high-end pianos were less sold.

But before this list of piano models, do we find the best piano of 2021?

We have to define the best-selling piano as the best digital piano of 2021?

Doubts arise again to find out which is the best digital piano of 2021. In the end we thought that in order to know which is the best Digital Piano of this 2021 we should speak directly with the piano specialist, who knows all pianos perfectly , models, prices, offers and has advised more than 5000 clients in the purchase of their piano.

I understand, but imagine that we did not have a limited budget and that we wanted to play the best Digital Piano.

Which one would you recommend us?

We are going to remove from this list the Premium series of Hybrid Pianos such as the Yamaha Avant Grand or the Kawai Novus Hybrid Pianos, since we do not consider it as a Digital piano only and the budgets are usually higher than 5000 euros.

Each with very different fabulous and independent general characteristics. Some have a better sound, others a better key, others better connectivity…. With which it is always better to talk with the client to see which piano could best be adapted to their needs and expectations.

Ok and for you, what would be the best Digital Piano of this year 2021?

In this year we have had very good models. In addition, new pianos have been introduced in the Yamaha and Kawai series, which has captivated us from the first moment.

But if I had to choose a piano, it would undoubtedly be for certain qualities:

First, the key. I think it’s the most important thing about the piano. We are always looking for the best key, the key most similar to that of a Grand piano.

Second, the sound. Perfectly hear all the piano ranges

Third, the pedals. That the pedals can have the full travel of the acoustic piano and can adjust the sensitivity

Fourth, the accessories, connections, app, varieties of sounds, rhythms, recordings …

Fifth, the furniture. It seems less important, but the piano has to make you fall in love. You have to see him and feel that you need to be sitting next to him.

Sixth, the price. Even if it is the last, it is sometimes the first on the list. Finding a piano at a good price that satisfies all of the above is what I call the Best Digital Piano

Given all this I have no doubts which would be the best Digital Piano of this year 2021.

YES? What would it be? Are we impatient to know

Without a doubt, the Kawai Ca-98 Polished Black

The Kawai Ca-98 has been discontinued this year over February, March and throughout this year we have had some great deals on this piano due to the limited units that were left in warehouses. It is the piano with the highest performance that we have had this year at the lowest price. Without a doubt, those who want to study, compose, interpret … everything they need is going to have it with this piano.

With the Kawai Ca-98 Polished Black we will have the best digital piano key on the market, the best sound, the pedals, the accessories, one of the most beautiful furniture on the market and above all the price. Throughout the year this piano has been at a spectacular price for the benefits it has, comparing it with other pianos of the same range. All customers who have purchased this piano have been more than satisfied with their purchase.

The Kawai Ca-98 Black or Polished Ebony features the Grand Feel II graded Wood weighted keyboard. His long pieces are the ones that best recreate the pulsation of a Grand piano. This ensures even distribution of the weight of each key throughout its entire travel. Each wooden key gently swings on a metal pivot with the limbs falling naturally, replicating the familiar movement of an acoustic grand piano keyboard.

In addition, the sound hardware of the Concert Artist allows the speed at which the keys are released to influence the character produced in piano sounds, offering a greater range of detailed expression in staccato and legato performance.

The pedals, the software, the connections… everything you need, you have it.

And what about the sound with its high-end speakers and soundboard. You can enjoy your piano at all hours. It’s amazing how it sounds.