How To Care For Wood Outdoor Furniture

When you invest in a set of wood outdoor furniture and always desire to ensure that it lasts for several years. Everyone knows how to clean their outdoor cushions, but people always wonder how to protect outdoor furniture from the elements. Wooden furniture is a combination of keeping it under cover, cleaning it, and conditioning it so that wooden stays healthy and retains its beautiful warmth.

So, in this blog, we will discover what it takes to maintain custom hospitality furniture through the years and it enables it to keep its strength and natural beauty.

Tips to Care Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Below are some helpful tips for cleaning and refreshing wood outdoor furniture so that you can keep soaking up some rays.

1. Use Oxygen Bleach for Deep Cleans

If your furniture is deeply stained to scrub off, it is always better to use an oxygen bleach mixture on the wood. Prepare a mixture of oxygen bleach and water, then use this mixture on wooden furniture with a soft bristle brush. Actually, on furniture, it should have some foaming action – think of foaming shampoos or hydrogen peroxide facial cleanser on the skin. The foaming is caused by bleach that cleans mold, dirt, grime, and milder. After applying for 15 minutes then, rinse it with water.

2.  Cover Up

If you wish to use the furniture for an extended period, use furniture covers, whether the furniture is made from any element. However, the covers will provide extra protection to outdoor wood furniture against wet rain and drying sun, enhancing the furniture’s useful life.

3. Avoid Power Washers

Power washing outdoor furniture is not advisable. Even on light sitting, the water pressure is too much and can cause damage to the furniture. A wooden sitting that is too solid can cause seams in the wood to open, leading to later cracks. However, it is safe to stick with a garden hose.

4.  Clean Iron or Tanning Stains

If the powdered oxygen bleach mixture does not work, you may be dealing with oxidation, tannin stains, and iron which are too tough to get out of stains. However, oxalic acid can work against these stains. But, be cautious while using oxalic because it is dangerous to humans and animals. Do not add other products to the mixture; follow the instructions strictly.

If your furniture is made of redwood, you need to use oxalic acid solely because oxygen bleach can damage the color by lightening the wood.

5. Use Painter’s Tape for Unique Designs

Wooden furniture looks plain against colorful designs if placed in a garden or outside a hotel. So, if you want to stand out, consider painting it with unique color or design that gives your furniture some style. However, furniture tape will cover areas that make your furniture look new and fresh.

There are some exciting ways to refresh the look of wooden furniture with paint:

  • Apply masking tape in various widths across the chair and tables. Or else you can paint the chair. After the paint has dried, remove the painter’s tape and enjoy unique and striped chairs.
  • Use masking tape only on the chair except in the arms, then spray paint on the chair. Remove the painter’s tape when the paint dries out, and enjoy unique striped chairs.
  • Decorate chairs with different elements that will enhance the look of outdoor furniture.


6. Save it From Sun

Too much light on the furniture can create massive discoloration on the wooden polish and may cause the furniture looks patchy. It happens because the light is the energy source, and the furniture part comes in contact with every surface, which leads to surface damage. Sunlight is a vital energy that causes damage, and any product that comes in contact with excellent light intensity can cause damage. This damage can be permanent, and restoring its natural look is tricky. 

7. Save it from Windy Environment.

A gale force of the wind can wreak havoc on furniture. If you reside in server temperatures and big wind, ensure that outdoor furniture is sufficiently covered. Just as cracked wooden chairs wrap, outdoor furniture with any signs of damage must be kept out of high storms due to succumbing to the elements. Wooden cracks and warps are majorly exposed to water. Severe temperature conditions majorly cause it. However, when the furniture splits and warps, it becomes ugly.

8. Need Regular Dusting

Dusting away loose dust is crucial to protect wooden furniture. When you do not clean it correctly, a dust particles layer is created, resulting in scratches. Thus, it is advisable to clean dust regularly. If the dust layer is too tight, wash it with warm water and mild soap. After cleaning with water, wipe down with a dry cloth to avoid residual moisture.


Maintaining wooden furniture is something that every hotel industry struggles with. However, protecting wooden furniture needs regular maintenance. The more you clean regularly, the easier it is to maintain in the long run. If your furniture wholly vanishes and you want to buy a new one, consider Sara Hospitality.