How Teachers Can Recognizes a Plagiarized Text?


Researchers, academicians, enthusiasts, and teachers have always encouraged and inspired students to fetch the path of discovery and artistic creation of one’s own. Nevertheless, one cannot deny that art involves inspiration. Their yields are milestones in themselves. However, there is a difference between inspiration and creating a piece and copy-pasting someone else’s creation. If someone is copying someone’s work without acknowledgment then that should be clearly be termed as theft. Tools available can avoid all such indecencies online. Teachers these days recognize a plagiarized paperwith the aid of such software.

Advancement of technology has mostly been a blessing to the humankind. This becomes the greatest help for academicians and students mostly. They get ideas and help from the internet about any and every topic. Meticulously written articles, researches, and information gathered after unending and tireless efforts, everything pays back when a reader is engrossed in that piece of writing.

Books in PDF format are available for students and even in the audio version for much lazier of the lot. All these honest endeavors never encourage a student to be a copywriter of another’s thought but create an essay of his or her own. However, no one has ever done away with errors even with all precautions and precautionary measures. Even then, striving should always be to provide an essay devoid of plagiarism.

What teachers tend to face?

No professor can overlook the plagiarism. However, to recognize a plagiarized essay, a teacher needs quite a good expertise in judging the same by reading it at a glance. After the teacher succeeds in assessing his/her doubts about plagiarism, he/she could use plagiarism checkers or tools to have an assured answer for that doubt. In the initial moment, a teacher never doubts the creation of his student. However, the present crippled and complex situation of students and the dilemma in educators lead them to maintain an objective distance. This leads them to judge the essay without any partiality. Ideas might sound similar to others. It is not necessary that the writers have deliberately or consciously copy-pasted everything. However, the deliberate attempt of a dishonest student never misses the teacher’s eyes and herecognizes a plagiarized essay.

Search enginesare a blessing for many students but turns out to be a curse for their future and even of others who suffer unduly. An essay may be extensive and at the same time resourceful, but as is mentioned before, must contain originality. Free online plagiarism checkers test of truth over the internet.  Reconstruction of ideas, citation style and use of quotation marksare some of those crucial yet minute points that set the difference for a junior or inexperienced writer. These strategies save the article from being tagged a plagiarized essay.

How to detect plagiarism of a text?

As was said before, the experience is the key to find the plagiarized essay. Every student has a style and flow of his or her own. The sudden peak and dip in sentence construction and usage of beautiful vocabulary raises doubt for the teacher.

The use of exaggerated font style, type, bold, underlines, chromes, etc. to induce the doubt for the teacher. Free online plagiarism checkers assure the doubt and process the rest smoothly.

Sometimes in lieu of copying others, students are swayed away and forget to go through the writing minutely. So use of outdated and irrelevant instances and quotations are given forcefully, also triggers doubt in the assessor.


There is no harm in taking inspiration, but copying does bother. As with the help of copying one, disrespect the creator and one’s own academic career. A teacher feels failed as a guide when gone through such cases of plagiarism. Hacking and other thefts happen for copying of material and ideas; those seem difficult for a paper presenter. However, teachers are always there to guide. The academic institutes expect that the students produce an original copy of their assignment with their hard work and dedication. They may not be very correct but they should at least show this effort that they have given it a try. Try to give it your bit; rest will follow. Sometimes to shrug off the confusion do a plagiarism check yourself before submission. The honest attempt and the whole year’s hard work reflect on the paper.